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  • Professor Michael Halmagyi, Neurology Department, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Mr Leigh McGarvie, Neurology Department, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Other staff and students of the Hearing and Balance Clinic, Department of Neurology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney
  • Dr Elaine Cornell, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney
  • A/Prof Allan Jones, School of Life Sciences, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Dr Leonardo Manzari, MSA ENT Academy Center, Cassino, Italy
  • Dr Daniel Brown and colleagues, Brain and Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney
  • Dr Konrad Weber, Department of Neurology, Zürich University Hospital
  • Dr Laura Mezey, London, UK
  • Dr David Szmulewicz, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Wally Grant, Virginia Tech
  • Dr Catherine de Waele & Ms Elodie Chiarovano, Cognition and Action Group, Université Paris Descartes
  • Dr Yvette Smulders, University Medical Centre, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Dr Shinichi Iwasaki, Department of Otolaryngology, University of Tokyo, Japan

From right to left: Hamish MacDougall, Leonardo Manzari, Ian Curthoys, Ann Burgess.


  • November 2014: Ian Curthoys awarded the Gold Medal of the Prosper Meniere Society.The Prosper Meniere Society is the international society for the study of the inner ear and Meniere’s Disease. The award ceremony will take place at Zell im Ziller, Austria in March 2016. The citation for the medal reads:

    The Gold Medal Award is awarded for furthering the goals of the Prosper Meniere Society through research excellence, scientific innovation, and far-reaching contributions to the investigation of inner ear disorders.
    “Let us give thanks to seeking spirits, to those with initiative, who raise questions of interest, stimulate active researches, provoke oppositions, because in a word, science gains and humanity applauds”. ~ Prosper Méniere, 1861

    Professor Ian Curthoys was previously awarded the Robert Barany Jubilee Gold Medal of the specialist international vestibular research society, the Barany Society, in 2012 for “his outstanding morphological and physiological studies on the vestibular organs and for his innovative and crucial contributions to vestibular research in its widest sense”. And in 1996 was awarded the Hallpike Nylen medal of the Barany Society for“outstanding contributions to basic vestibular science”. The latest Prosper Meniere Gold Medal completes a hat-trick of medals for Ian Curthoys.

  • July 2012, Frontiers 2012: The Art, Science and Future of Otorhinolaryngology: Hamish MacDougall and coauthors were awarded the poster prize for their poster: “The video head impulse test (vHIT) detects vertical semicircular canal dysfunction.”baranymedal
  • June 2012, 27th meeting of the Bárány Society, Uppsala, Sweden: Professor Ian Curthoys was awarded the Robert Bárány Jubilee Gold Medal, by the Bárány Society for Vestibular Research, in recognition of outstanding morphological and physiological studies on the vestibular organs and for innovative and crucial contributions to vestibular research in its widest sense.
  • March 2012. Chris Wong has completed his PhD! Chris’s thesis is entitled Visualizing the cochlear implant/tissue interface using non-destructive high resolution x-ray micro computed tomography.
  • 28 December 2010. Visit our Head Impulse web page which describes the latest developments in the head-impulse test of semicircular canal function. New video technology is making this important vestibular test easier to perform and more reliable.
  • 9 May 2008. Samanthi Goonetilleke won the H. Tasman Lovell Memorial Medallion for the best PhD Thesis in the School of Psychology in 2007. Samanthi’s thesis is titled “Human ocular torsion and perception of line orientation“.
  • A video and DVD on the diagnosis and treatment of Benign Paroxysmal Positioning Vertigo (BPPV) are available from the Hearing and Balance Clinic at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. For more details please ring +61 2 9515 8820.

Recent Presentations

  • Presented at the XVIII Congreso Nacional AMCAOF 2017, Nuevo Vallarta, 8-11 March 2017:
    • Curthoys IS. The physiological basis of clinical vestibular tests.
    • Curthoys IS. Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials — why sound and vibration are vestibular stimuli.
    • Curthoys IS. The head impulse test — its history and newest developments: SHIMPs.
  • Presented at the 40th Midwinter Annual Meeting of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology, Baltimore, 11-15 February 2017:
    • Shen Q, Magnani C, Lamas G, Sterkers O, Curthoys IS, de Waele C. Saccade amplitude in the suppression head impulse paradigm (SHIMP) — a new indicator of semicircular canal function. Poster presentation PS-449.
    • Curthoys IS, MacDougall HG, McGarvie LA, Halmagyi GM, de Waele C, Manzari L, Dlugaiczyk J. Is VOR gain an adequate measure of semicircular canal function? Poster presentation PS-682.
  • Presented at the Congress of the European Society for Clinical Evaluation of Balance Disorders / Posture-Equilibre-Mouvement (ESCEBD/PEM), Nancy, France, 8-10 December 2016:
  • Presented at Frontiers 2016, The Art, Science and Future of Otorhinolaryngology, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, 7-9 September 2016:
    • Curthoys IS, Halmagyi GM. Outcomes and impact of the Foundation in clinical vestibular testing and basic vestibular science. Oral presentation.
  • Presented at the 29th meeting of the Barany Society, Acceleration and Harmony, Seoul, 5-8 June 2016:
    • Curthoys IS. The Experimental Foundations of New Tests of Vestibular Function. Plenary lecture.
    • MacDougall HG. Additional teaching and presentation tools for the free aVOR ‘app’. Presentation OP11-1.
    • Curthoys IS. The video head impulse test (vHIT). Presentation SP09-4.
    • Curthoys IS. How sound and vibration test otolith function. Presentation OP22-3.
    • Akdal G, MacDougall H, Chen L, Tanriverdizade T, Yiğitaslan O, Halmagyi GM. Selective impairment of horizontal vestibulo-ocular reflexes in acute Wernicke’s encephalopathy. Presentation PP025.
    • Chiarovano E, Magnani C, MacDougall H, Curthoys I, de Waele C. Postural instability in seniors: peripheral or central vestibular dysfunction? Presentation PP039.
    • Chiarovano E, Wang W, Magnani C, MacDougall H, Curthoys I, de Waele C. Monitoring of chemical labyrinthectomy by gentamicin using vHIT in patients suffering from Meniere disease. Presentation PP178.
  • Presented at the Satellite Symposium to the 29th meeting of the Barany Society, Muui Island, Incheon, Korea, 8-9 June 2016:
    • Curthoys IS. Primary Vestibular Neural Responses to Sound and Vibration.
  • Presented at the Vestibular and Balance Workshop, Kuala Lumpur, 13 June 2016:
    • Curthoys I. Update of canal and otolith anatomy and physiology.
    • Curthoys I. Otoliths and Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials (VEMPs).
  • Presented at 17th International Symposium and Workshops on Inner Ear Medicine and Surgery, Prosper Meniere Society, Zell im Zillertal, Austria, 12-19 March 2016:
    • Curthoys IS. The video head impulse test (vHIT). Invited lecture.
    • Curthoys IS. Otolithic neural responses to sound and vibration – the neural basis of new tests of otolith function. Invited lecture.
    • Curthoys IS. 3D images from high resolution microCT of the temporal bone show the spatial organization of the membranous labyrinth. Keynote lecture.
    • Brown D, Pastras C, Curthoys I, Mukherjee P, Gibson W. Experimental support for Cochlear Implantation in Post-Labyrinthectomy Patients.
    • Brown D, van Roon L, Pastras C, Curthoys I, Southwell C. Imaging fluid dynamics in the hydropic ear with light sheet fluorescence microscopy.
    • Manzari L, Burgess AM, Curthoys IS. Cervical and Ocular Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials to high frequencies show semicircular canal dehiscence (SSCD).
    • Manzari L, Burgess AM, Curthoys IS. A novel suppression head impulse paradigm (SHIMP) eliciting anti-compensatory saccades is useful in vestibular rehabilitation after vestibular neuritis.
    • McGarvie LA, MacDougall H, Halmagyi M, Curthoys I. The Video Head Impulse Test versus the Caloric Test in Ménière’s patients holds a clue to the underlying mechanism.
    • de Waele C, Chiarovano E, Lamas G, Magnani C, MacDougall H, Curthoys I. Monitoring of chemical labyrinthectomy by gentamicin injection assessed by video head impulse test and VEMPs in patients suffering from Meniere disease resistant to medical therapies.
    • Wang W, Chiarovano E, MacDougall H, Curthoys I, Lamas G, de Waele C. A new device to test balance and predict factors of falls in seniors tested with v-HIT and VEMPs.
    • MacDougall HG, McGarvie LA, Halmagyi GM, Rogers SJ, Manzari L, Burgess AM, Curthoys IS, Weber KP. A novel suppression head impulse paradigm (SHIMP) elicits anti-compensatory saccades as an indicator of vestibular function.
  • Presented at the 39th Midwinter Meeting of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology, San Diego, California, 20-24 February 2016:
    • Curthoys I, MacDougall H, McGarvie L, Weber K, Manzari L, Halmagyi M. SHIMPs – A Simple New Variant of the
      Video Head Impulse Test (vHIT) Enhances Semicircular Canal Testing. Poster PS 480.
    • Craig R, Davis J, Wong C, Curthoys I, Grant W. FEA Model for High Frequency Stimulus of Utricle Receptors. Poster PS 698.
    • Curthoys IS, Grant W. In What Way is Air Conducted Sound an Otolithic Stimulus? Poster PS 927.


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