Landrover Series I to III 3rd/4th Gear Problems

Those Dreaded Synchro Clips

If your gearbox suddenly starts crunching gears going into third or fourth gear, or you cannot select 3rd or 4th, then you probably have broken some sychro clips in the 3rd/4th synchcroniser. There are three clips or detent springs that keep the synchcroniser floated correctly between the primary pinion and the main output shaft. Usually the broken clips drop into the bottom of the gearbox and you notice them when you change the oil. Occasionally a broken clip will jam and stop you from being able to select 3rd/4th.

The solution

If you have a jammed 3rd/4th, try selecting between 3rd, 4th and neutral, declutching between tries hoping to make the broken clip drop out. The good news is that is is possible to replace the clips without taking the gearbox out. You will need to gain access through the selector cover and insert new clips (worth about $3). Quickly, the steps are :-
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