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  TMS Lab    



The TMS Lab was set up in 2007 with funding from the School of Psychology and is used by a variety of people from around the department.

The TMS Lab is equipped with a Magstim Rapid2 stimulator and a Vicra Polaris optical tracker used in conjunction with the SofTaxic Navigator software. This allows for precise localization of stimulation sites on the subject's own MRI scan (or on a template brain, if individual scans are not available).

  Current projects going on in the lab:    

1. Using TMS to investigate the neural underpinnings of object and word identification. (Irina Harris, Sally Andrews, Nicolas Robitaille)

2. Using perceptual noise to uncover the nature of the neural disruption caused by TMS to visual perception areas (Justin Harris, Colin Clifford, Ehsan Arabzadeh, Arman Abrahamyan)













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