Funding Visual Cognition Lab

Project Funding & Research Grants

2012-2014 ARC Discovery Grant - "Ensemble coding of complex visual stimuli" (I.M. Harris) - $210,000.
2010-2013 ARC Future Fellowship - "Seeing the forest and the trees: Cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying the recognition of individual objects and sets" (I.M. Harris) - $674,000.
2008-2009 Research Grants Council of Hong Kong - "Recognizing repeated objects in rapid visual streams" (CI's: W. G. Hayward, I.M. Harris) - HK$806,000.
2008-2010 ARC Discovery Grant - "The ingredients of conscious identification" (I.M. Harris, S. Andrews, W.G. Hayward) - $302,000.
2006 University of Sydney Research & Development Grant - "The role of features and holistic information in object recognition" (CI: I.M. Harris) - $21,000.
2005-2009 ARC Discovery Grant and Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship - "Recognition of rotated objects: paying attention to orientation" (I.M. Harris & M.C. Corballis) - $600,000.
2003-2005 Research Grants Council of Hong Kong - "An investigation of the independence of mental rotation and viewpoint-dependent object recognition" (W.G. Hayward, I. Gauthier, I.M. Harris) - HK$726,500.
2003 Macquarie University Early Career Researcher Grant - "Repetition blindness for rotated objects: insights into the nature of object representations" (I.M. Harris) - $18,200.
2002 Macquarie University Research Grant - "Lateralisation of function in the human brain" (T. Bates & I.M. Harris) - $4,350.
2002-2004 ARC Discovery Grant and Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship - "Recognising the orientation of objects: a combined neuropsychological / eye movement investigation" (I.M. Harris) - $204,000.








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