Cognitive psychology explores the internal mental processes that people use to store, process, retrieve, transform and use information to interpret objects and events in the world and to solve problems, make decisions, speak and act.
Professor Sally Andrews Dr Bruce Burns
  • Language: reading, spelling, word recognition
  • Memory: lexical memory, working memory, implicit memory
  • Bilingualism, cross language comparisons
  • Expertise
  • More information
  • How streaks of events affect decision making
  • Biases in the interpretation of financial data
  • Hormonal influences on risky choices
  • Cognitive illusions in reasoning
  • Complex problem solving
  • More information
Dr Karen Croot Associate Professor Irina Harris
  • Speech perception and production, foreign accents
  • Motor learning
  • More information
  • Object recognition and interpreting object orientation
  • Visual attention and selection
  • Capacity limits in encoding visual information, repetition blindness, attentional blink
  • Visual Cognition Lab
  • More information
Professor Sharon Naismith Dr Caleb Owens
  • The involuntary capture of visual and auditory attention
  • Top-down modulation of attentional capture
  • Inattentional blindness
  • Locus of selection in visual attention
  • False memory and eye-witness testimony
  • Gullibility, reasoning, and problem solving
  • More information
Dr Helen Paterson Ms Sarah Walker
Dr Damian Birney Associate Professor Thomas Carlson
  • Neural Coding
  • Functional Magnetic Resonance imaging (fMRI)
  • Magnetoencephalography (MEG)
  • Multivariate Pattern Analysis (Brian decoding)
  • Object and Face recognition.
  • Body Perception
  • Social Perception
  • Visual Attention
  • More information
Dr Evan Livesey Dr Micah B. Goldwater
  • Implicit learning and automaticity
  • Associations and reasoning in causal learning
  • Action preparation and cognitive control
  • TMS Lab
  • More information
  • The nature and acquisition of knowledge in children and adults
  • Concept & language learning
  • Science and math education
  • Seedling Lab
  • More information
Dr Fiona Kumfor Dr Celine van Golde
  • Social cognition
  • Face processing
  • Emotion perception
  • Ageing and dementia
  • Neuroimaging
  • Memory: emotion memory, episodic memory, semantic memory
  • More information
Dr Gareth Roberts
  • The role of oscillatory activity in complex goal-directed behaviour
  • Frontal lobe function across the lifespan
  • More information