Research in the School of Psychology

The School of Psychology is one of the largest schools in the Faculty of Science at the University of Sydney, with over 40 full-time continuing academic staff. Importantly, The School of Psychology has committed itself to a strong research-oriented path by recruiting research-active staff, investing strategically in research infrastructure, and supporting research-only appointments. The School has 8 research fellows supported by ARC, NHMRC and the Cancer Institute and averages over 25 research higher degree completions per year.

The School's research excellence has expanded rapidly and is one of the most research-active departments in Australia. Competitive grant funding has also soared thanks to success with applications to the ARC, NHMRC and other funders. Current external research income, from competitive grant funding and philanthropy, exceeds $14 million, with an additional $2.9 million from the government which supports research and teaching. Reflecting this, the School rated well in the recent ERA assessment, receiving a 5 (outstanding performance well above world standard, the highest rating) for the Cognitive Science category and a 4 (above world standard) for Psychology.

Research Areas

Clinical Cognition Developmental
Forensic Health Learning
Method & Theory Neuroscience Organisational
Perception Personality & Intelligence Social

Research Centres & Initiatives

Centre for Medical Psychology
& Evidence-based Decision-making

The Lambert Initiative for
Cannabinoid Therapeutics

The Psycho-oncology Co-operative
Research Group