Summer School

The School of Psychology offers PSYC1001 and PSYC1002 in the University's intensive Summer School session from January to the end of February. Students have the opportunity to accelerate their program, catch up a failed subject, or study subjects outside their current program.

Are Psychology 1001 and 1002 offered in Winter School?

Psychology 1001 and 1002 are currently not offered in Winter School.

How do I apply to study psychology in Summer School?

Applications and enrolments in Summer School are overseen by the Summer School Office. You will find details about applying to study in Summer School at the Summer School website.

Where do I find the timetable for PSYC1001 and 1002?

The timetable for the 2018 Summer School is available on the Summer School website:

Where do I find information about the coursework, lectures, textbook, assessment, etc?

A PSYC1001 and 1002 manual (which contains all the information about the course that you will need) will be available for download on the eLearning sites by 4 January, 2018. You should print it out and take it to the first lecture.

The PSYC1001 and 1002 eLearning sites can be accessed by all University of Sydney students using their unikey. External students who have applied for a unikey will also be able to access the site, but there may be some delay (due to delays processing your enrolment application - please contact the Summer School for more information about attaining a unikey and accessing eLearning sites).

Please note that there are no textbooks for PSYC1001 or PSYC1002.

Can I study both PSYC1001 and PSYC1002 in Summer School?

No. From 2018, students will no longer be allowed to enrol in both PSYC1001 and PSYC1002 during the intensive Summer School period. This because the workload is extremely demanding and each year, the fail rate for students who try to complete both units simultaneously is very high.

Students who require both Units of Study for further study (e.g. the Graduate Diploma in Psychology) can apply for an exemption to this rule but are encouraged to complete PSYC1002 during Summer School and PSYC1001 in Main Semester 1.

The timetable for the psychology subject I want to study clashes with another subject I want to study in Summer School. What should I do?

If you have a clash, do not enrol in the psychology unit. The School of Psychology discourages students from taking subjects that have timetable clashes because we want students to do their best in the courses. Note that it is not possible to change class times to suit individual students with clashes, nor can we offer ‘repeats’ of classes due to the relatively small number of students enrolled in Summer School.

Students are expected to attend 80% of all timetabled activities; attendance will be taken both at lectures and in the tutorials. In the Faculty of Science handbook it states: 'The Dean or the Head of School most concerned may determine that a student has failed a unit of study because of inadequate attendance.' Please note that poor attendance cannot form the basis of a special consideration claim; moreover, students who attend less than 80% of the timetabled activities will struggle greatly to pass.

I want to study PSYC1001 or 1002 in Summer School, but I will be away for 2 weeks or more during January or February. Should I still enrol?

No. You will miss far too much of the content of the course(s). If you take a look at the timetables, missing one week of either course will entail missing over 7 hours of lectures (usually an entire topic) and three hours of tutorials. Every day that you miss increases your chances of failing the course. Moreover, attendance will be taken at both lectures and tutorials - 80% attendance is necessary to ensure that you do not fail the course.