Psychology in other degrees

Psychology is a discipline of study offered by the Faculty of Science. Studying Psychology is not limited to the Bachelor of Psychology (BPsych). At the University of Sydney, it is possible to study a Psychology Program consisting of 10 Psychology units, in any of the following accredited degrees as well as in any degree combined with the Bachelor of Science. Completion of the Psychology Program is a requirement for progression to an Honours year in Psychology. Entry to Psychology Honours is competitive and is currently subject to a quota.

If you are interested in psychology because it is relevant to your vocational goals, but do not wish to pursue professional registration in psychology, you can complete a Behavioural Science major.

The following degrees can accommodate the Psychology Program and have been accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).

The following can also accommodate the Psychology Program*, and the School is currently applying for APAC accreditation for these degrees from 2018 onwards:

*Dalyell and Advanced streams in the above degrees can accommodate the Psychology program, with the exception of BSc(Health)(Dalyell), and BSc(Advanced)/BLaws which cannot.

Example degree structure with the Psychology Program

Bachelor of Arts Psychology program
Bachelor of Science Psychology program