Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): This is a research degree awarded for a thesis considered to be a substantially original contribution in Psychology and is available to candidates who hold a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with First Class Honours or a Masters degree with a substantial research component.
More information and link to online application can be found under Application Information below.

Master of Philosophy (MPhil): Candidates with either 1) a 3-year Undergraduate degree who maintained specific grade average, 2) Honours in Psychology, or 3) a previous Masters by coursework, are eligible to enrol in a Masters of Philosophy degree by research. Admission to the MPhil degree for individuals who completed a Bachelor degree without Honours in Australia as their highest academic degree is conditional on demonstrating Honours-equivalent competence based on their major-specific marks in second and third year units (i.e. their marks should be sufficient to be admitted to the School of Psychology Honours program in recent years).

Students in the MPhil who previously completed a Honours or a Masters degree with a substantial research component can upgrade their enrolment to a PhD at the end of their first year depending on their progress and supervision availability. Upgrade requirements are available here. For more information see School of Psychology requirements.

Additional information and links to the online application can be found under Application Information below.


If you meet the admission criteria for a research degree, and have a particular area of research you would like to pursue, your first step is to arrange for a supervisor and second to prepare a research proposal.

1. School of Psychology Research Supervisor
Potential supervisors and their research areas are listed on the School of Psychology Research Staff webpage. You may also search for a potential supervisor through Research Supervisor Connect. Please contact the staff engaged in areas of research in which you are interested and discuss your research proposal. Please note that research programs developed without any contact with a potential supervisor are not accepted and you are required to nominate a supervisor in your application with whom you have had contact.
Research Supervisor Connect
School of Psychology Staff Research Areas

Students will be required to nominate:
- Research Supervisor
- Research Project title
- Evidence of contact with supervisors

2. Research Proposal
Once you have arranged a supervisor, you should compose a research proposal (of at least 1000 words) to upload with your application. The research proposal should contain:

  1. The area of focus of the proposed research
  2. Any prior research experience and, where appropriate, copies of papers already published
  3. The name of the potential supervisor(s) that you have contacted regarding your research proposal
  4. Evidence of contacting the supervisor and their agreement to supervise you (PDF copies of emails between you and your supervisor)

3. Referee reports
Two academic references (international and domestic applicants)

Application Information

Apply online for the Master of Philosophy
Sydney Courses information for the Master of Philosophy
Faculty of Science frequently asked questions for Master of Philosophy
Apply online for the Doctor of Philosophy
Sydney Courses information for the Doctor of Philosophy

Faculty of Science Information
Faculty of Science Information

Application Timelines
The University year is comprised of four research periods. Applications remain open year round, however, scholarship deadlines exist. Research Period dates

While completing an application to enrol in a research degree, students are strongly encouraged to apply for scholarships. These links will provide you with useful information about such funding opportunities and deadlines. Please look at the manuals available on each of these pages to further explore the options:
Scholarships for Domestic Students
Scholarships for International Students
School of Psychology postgraduate scholarships

If you have read all the information posted here (and in the included links) and you are still unsure about anything, you may contact the Postgraduate Coordinator (Admissions), Dr Ilan Dar-Nimrod. Please note applications and enrolments for psychology research degrees are administered by the Faculty of Science.

Application outcome
Assessments of research degree applications and scholarships are made in mid-late December offers are sent out mid-late January (for Research Period 2 entry). Research topic and supervisor changes are possible after enrolment depending on availability.

International students

English language requirements
English language requirements for postgraduate research degrees in the Faculty of Science are an overall score of 7.0 with a minimum of 6.5 in each band.
Centre for English Teaching (CET) offer English language courses and IELTS testing.

Application deadlines
Submit application forms prior to application deadlines. If you are an international student, special procedures and deadlines apply. NOTE that University requirements for international applications for candidature and scholarships need to be met well in advance of intended commencement semester - approximately seven months.
Faculty of Science information for prospective international postgraduate research students
Online enquiry form