International Students


The School of Psychology welcomes International Students. There are a number of ways of completing units of study and degrees in Psychology for international students. However, it should be noted that visa requirements are such that International students must be enrolled full-time (usually, 24 credit points per semester). Because Junior (First year) Psychology units normally need to be completed before Intermediate (Second Year) or Senior (Third Year) units are undertaken, it may not be possible to study a full program of 24 credit points in Psychology each semester. This may particularly apply to students who have not studied any Psychology previously. However, it may be possible to make up a full time study load by including subjects other than Psychology.

An overview of the units of study offered in Psychology is available on the Faculty of Science website at:

Units with the prefix PSYC are offered by the school of psychology for undergrad students, as well as the course HPSC3023 History and Philosophy of Psychology and Psychiatry.

Further information can be found in Chapter 3 of the Faculty of Science Handbook. The University of Sydney School of Psychology Homepage contains detailed information about the course content in each course. Go to Current students > Select year/type of study > Syllabi & Assessment using the Current Students link above.

For information about English language requirements to study psychology (and other courses in the Faculty of Science), see:

University of Sydney Student Studying Overseas on Student Exchange

If you are interested in spending a semester or two studying overseas, check out this information about the Student Exchange program and how it applies to psychology students.

Coming to the University of Sydney to study Psychology on an International Exchange or Study Abroad Programme?

Students currently enrolled in a degree at an overseas university may, with the agreement of their home university, apply to enrol in units of study across one or two semesters in either the Student Exchange or Study Abroad program. Student Exchange is a tuition fee waiver program. The University of Sydney has an extensive range of Student Exchange Programs with universities throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. If your university does not have a Student Exchange agreement with the University of Sydney you can study here on the Study Abroad program, a fee-paying program. For more information about Student Exchange and Study Abroad, see:

Semester 1 at the University of Sydney lasts from March to June, and Semester 2 from July to November. Students may be able to take Intermediate (2nd year) and/or Senior (3rd year) units of study providing they have completed some introductory courses in Psychology at their home university. Students with no background in Psychology must complete Junior Psychology (1st year) units before progressing to Intermediate and Senior units.

A list of courses available, prerequisites for entry into these courses, and the Semester in which they are offered can be found at:

Here are the guidelines we use for evaluating eligibility for entry to these courses.

Provisional timetables for year 2 and 3 units of study can also be found on the School of Psychology Homepage. Go to the Current Students link > Select year/type of study > Timetable.

If you would like to apply to our Student Exchange or Study Abroad program, please complete the application form available from the University's International Office web site:

Full Undergraduate Degree

The School of Psychology also hosts International students wishing to complete a full degree. These students will enrol in a relevant Faculty (Usually Science or Arts, depending on their interests , but students can also complete a psychology major in a number of combined degrees e.g. with Law, Commerce, Medicine etc.) and progress through the Psychology program from Year 1. The duration of the undergraduate degree is usually 3 years full time, or 4 with Honours (although Summer School may allow students to "catch up" on Junior level psychology courses during January/February, and combined degrees take more than 3 years). Students of sufficient merit may then have the option of progressing to postgraduate study.

If you would like to apply to study Psychology as part of a full undergraduate degree, International students should consult the information available at:

Postgraduate Degree

International students wishing to undertake postgraduate training with the School of Psychology have a number of options. Applicants must already hold a degree with Honours in Psychology. Entry is based on performance in Honours, although experience and research history may be taken into account for applicants interested in research degrees. An interview may also be required. Only applicants with a good undergraduate record are encouraged to apply. The School offers both postgraduate research (theoretical and empirical) and clinical degrees, including the Master of Clinical Psychology and the Master of Clinical Psychology/Doctor of Philosophy. Applications for research degrees are considered year round. Application forms can be obtained from the Faculty of Science at:

Summer School (available to local students also)

The School of Psychology currently offers an intensive program in January each year for students wishing to complete Psychology 1001 or 1002. The course runs over 6 weeks. This means that for students who commence studies in July (Semester 2), it is possible to enrol in Psychology 1002 in July and complete that unit in November. Then students can complete Psychology 1001 in the Jan/Feb Summer School in time to enrol in Year 2 Psychology in the following Semester 1.