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The Master of Science in Coaching Psychology offers the full range of coaching psychology units of study. The Diploma and Certificate options allow students to enrol in a subset of these units. Application details are available below.

The 2018 Coaching timetable is available here.


  • Master of Science in Coaching Psychology
    Degree Code: LC060
  • Graduate Diploma in Coaching Psychology
    Degree Code: LF048
  • Graduate Certificate in Coaching Psychology
    Degree Code: LG032

The Master of Science in Coaching Psychology is an articulated postgraduate program that teaches the applied science of human performance enhancement and coaching. This program provides students with a sound grounding in the theoretical and methodological aspects of coaching and coaching psychology as an applied positive psychology, and teaches fundamental applied coaching skills.

Students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Coaching Psychology may only enrol part-time. Study for the Graduate Diploma and the Master of Science in Coaching Psychology may be undertaken in either part-time or full-time mode.

The progression sequence for part-time students is as follows: First semester of enrolment PSYC4721 and PSYC4722; second semester of enrolment and following semesters, PSYC4724 and remaining elective units to suit the individual student's needs and interests and to meet degree requirements.

This program is designed to provide graduates with the key theoretical understandings and the core skills necessary to work as a coach in a wide range of settings. Graduates of this course will be equipped to work in the scientist-practitioner or scholar-practitioner model, and can expect to find employment as human performance consultants and personal, workplace or executive coaches in industry, in the human resources field or in private practice.

Specialist Pathways

The Master of Science in Coaching has one specialist stream:

  • Executive and Workplace Coaching

The stream is determined by the pattern of elective units of study that a student completes. Students may also choose to not complete a specialist pathway.

Masters graduates who have completed the 12 credit point PSYC5016/PSYC5017 Research Project are eligible to apply for admission to a research degree (Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy).

Units of Study

Core units for all Coaching degrees (i.e. 18 credit points):
  • PSYC4721 Theories and Techniques of Coaching Psychology
  • PSYC4722 Fundamentals of Coaching
  • PSYC4724 Coaching Practice (Note: PSYC4721 and 4722 must be completed before 4724)

Unit of Study Descriptions

Elective units for all Coaching degrees

Certificate students choose 1 elective unit (to total 24 credit points)

Diploma students choose 3 elective units (to total 36 credit points)

Master students must complete all 5 elective units (to total 48 credit points) to be awarded the Executive and Workplace Coaching stream of the Masters of Applied Science.

  • PSYC4723 Socio-cognitive Issues in Coaching
  • PSYC4730 Applied Positive Psychology
  • PSYC4727 Positive Organisational Coaching (Note: PSYC4724 should be completed before 4727)
  • PSYC4729 Groups, Teams and Systems (Note: PSYC4724 should be completed before 4729)
  • PSYC4731 Psychology of Peak Performance

Unit of Study Descriptions


The timetable for the current year is given here:

The timetable for the following year will be similar to the current year, but may not be identical. As soon as the timetable is known, the above link will be updated.

Examinations are generally conducted in the last week of classes (further details will be given after the start of classes).

Admission Requirements

Students should have either a 3-year Psychology degree or a 3-year degree in a cognate discipline with a major in areas such as (but not limited to) arts, humanities, business, science or law. At least three years relevant employment experience is required. Relevant work experience may include counselling, experience in organisational learning and development, management experience, employment in applied psychology settings, professional coaching or other areas directly related to coaching.

How to Apply

General information about postgraduate coursework applications in the University of Sydney

Applications must be submitted online. Follow the relevant link below, then click the red "Apply" button:

Apply for the Master of Science in Coaching Psychology

Apply for the Graduate Diploma in Coaching Psychology

Apply for the Graduate Certificate in Coaching Psychology

Closing dates for applications can be found at the above links.


Fees for Postgraduate award course:

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When enrolling at Sydney University students will be liable for a number of different costs. The Services for Students web site outlines the payable fees and costs at the University of Sydney.

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International Applications

Information for International students

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How to Apply

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(Note: An IELTS score of 7.5 is required)