Behavioural Sciences Major

The major in Behavioural Sciences will introduce you to the scientific study of human behaviour, psychology, and mental processes. You will learn about the way we behave as individuals as well as in groups; the way we act as well as the way we think; in relation to our interaction with the physical world as well as our interaction with others.

The Behavioural Sciences major is designed for students who are interested in psychology because it is relevant to their vocational goals, but do not wish to pursue professional registration in psychology.

If you wish to be eligible to undertake professional training at the postgraduate level to become a registered psychologist you must complete the full psychology program, which requires completion of two additional units in addition to the Behavioural Sciences major. The Behavioural Sciences major alone is not accredited as a pathway to professional accreditation as a psychologist.

For more information about studying the Psychology Program please see the Psychology in other degrees page.

Example degree structure with the Behavioural Sciences Major

Behavioural Sciences major pathway