Bachelor of Psychology

The Bachelor of Psychology (BPsych) is a specialised course for those interested in pursuing a career in psychology. You will study four years of psychology together with other units in either a science or arts stream of the BPsych.

In your first year, you study psychology as well as other units fitting with the stream in which you are enrolled (science or arts). In your second year and third year you build your specialisation in psychology. The fourth year is an honours porgram that involves specialised individual research.

Note that minimum grade requirements for progression apply throughout the course. If you do not satisfy these requirements, you will not be able to continue in the course, but you will have the opportunity to transfer into a course that allows a major in psychology.

Note that you do not have to do the Bachelor of Psychology to become a registered psychologist. Many other APAC accredited degrees allow you to complete a major and honours in psychology.

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