Prospective Students

Welcome to the School of Psychology Prospective Students Information Page.

Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour and mental processes. For example, psychology is concerned with the way we behave as individuals as well as in groups; it is concerned with the way we act as well as the way we think; and it is concerned with our interaction with the physical world as well as our interaction with others.

Psychology is both a profession and a science. That is, psychological phenomena are investigated using the scientific method; and the outcomes of these investigations are applied to diverse professional settings (eg. treatment of mental illness, job selection, health promotion, education policy, etc.).

When you study psychology, you will cover a range of areas including behavioural neuroscience, personalty theory, social influences on the behaviour of indviduals and groups, forensic psychology, health psychology, developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, memory, attention, intelligence, sensory processes and perception, research methods and theories of learning and motivation.

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