Research Staff Directory

  • Domestic callers, ring (02) 9351 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 1
  • Domestic callers, ring (02) 9114 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 4
  • Domestic callers, ring (02) 9036 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 6
  • International callers, ring: +61-2-9351 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 1
  • International callers, ring: +61-2-9114 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 4
  • International callers, ring: +61-2-9036 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 6
  • Fax - School of Psychology: +61 2 9351 2603
Key to Building Names and Codes:
BMBrennan MacCallum, A18 LIFLifehouse Building, C39Z
GTGriffith Taylor, A19 BMCThe Brain and Mind Centre, M02F (94 Mallett Street)
SBSouth Badham, A16 CAMCamden Campus
CBRCChild Behaviour Research Clinic, M02K

Name Position Phone Email Office  
Angus, Mr Douglas Ph.D, Research Officer 69215
Assareh, Dr Neda Postdoctoral Research Associate 10555 BMC621
Barhon, Ms Lucienne Research Assistant 44058 BMC100
Barnes, Dr Kirsten Postdoctoral Research Associate 89964 SB241
Bartley, Ms Nicole Ph.D, Research Officer 75551 LIFLvl6
Bateman, Mr Joel Ph.D, Research Assistant BM455
Beckett, Ms Michelle Research Assistant 44157 BMC204
Bedoya Perez, Mr Miguel Postdoctoral Research Associate 44018 BMC619
Benson, Dr Melissa Clinical Research Fellow 44027 BMC611
Best, Dr Megan Research Fellow, Early Career Fellowship 71572 LIFLvl 6
Bleakley, Ms Janine Problem Gambling Counsellor 69336 MDSI,Campbelltown
Bowen, Dr Michael Senior Lecturer, NHMRC Peter Doherty Biomedical Fellow 13372 BMC
Burgess, Dr Ann Research Fellow 75626 GT210
Campbell, Ms Rachel Postdoctoral Research Associate 77631 LIFLvl 6
Carrick, Mr James Research Assistant BMC
Cheung, Dr Sau Chi Research Assistant BMC
Chiarovano, Dr Elodie Associate Lecturer, Applied Neuroscience and Vestibular Research GT210
Costa, Dr Daniel Honorary Research Fellow
Cuddy, Ms Jessica Research Officer, ADAPT Program 74244 LIFLvl 6
D'Mello, Ms Mirelle Research Assistant 44115 BMC
D'Rozario, Dr Angela NHMRC-ARC Dementia Senior Research Fellow 40435 BMC
Dhillon, Associate Professor Haryana Associate Professor 65392 LIF644
Diamond, Dr Loren NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Fellow 10757 BMC
Doyle, Dr Frances Project Manager and Senior Psychologist 17613 GT304
Ellwood, Ms Sophie Research Administration Officer 75420 BM325B
Foxe, Mr David MPhil, Senior Research Officer 44059 BMC
Gainsbury, Associate Professor Sally Associate Professor, ARC Decra, Deputy Head (GTC & RGRP) 75642 BMC231
Goldberg, Ms Zoe-Lee Research Assistant 44051 BMCLvl 1
Grootswagers, Dr Tijl Postdoctoral Research Associate GT316
Handford, Ms Cheryl Lab Manager 10892 BMC623
Heblinski, Dr Marika Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Postdoctoral Research Associate 10858 BMC627
Heriseanu, Ms Andreea DCP&Ph.D, Research Assistant, Casual 67263 BMC317
Hoyos, Dr Camilla NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Development Fellow 40409 BMC
Hunt, Dr Christopher Problem Gambling Counsellor 44367 BMC236
Keast, Ms Rachael Research Assistant, Casual LIFLvl 6
Keen, Ms Brittany Ph.D, Research Assistant 44373 BMC204
Kemp, Mr Lindsay Ph.D, Research Assistant SB243
Kevin, Dr Richard Research Associate BMC
Kumfor, Dr Fiona Senior Research Fellow 44181 BMC312
Laidsaar-Powell, Dr Rebekah Postdoctoral Research Associate 13924 LIF642
Landin-Romero, Dr Ramon Research Fellow 44129 BMC
Lechowicz, Dr Meryn Clinic Director (Clinical Child Psychology Unit) 74625 GT308
Liang, Mr Chengtao Research Assistant, Casual 10918 BMC
Loomes, Mr Max Research Assistant, Casual
Low, Mr Ivan Research Assistant BMC
Luo, Mr Jia Postdoctoral Research Associate 10951 BMCLvl6
Macalister, Ms Kerrie Problem Gambling Psychologist BMC242
Marlow, Dr Phillip Postdoctoral Research Associate GT301
Martin, Mr Lewis Research Associate 44174 BMC627
Masya, Ms Lindy Senior Research Officer/ ADAPT Program 71224 LIF646
McNair, Dr Nicolas Postdoctoral Research Associate SB242
Merson, Francis Ph.D, Research Assistant BM423
Molinari , Ms Jennifer Problem Gambling Psychologist
Morandini, Dr James Postdoctoral Research Associate GT464
Phillips, Ms Natalie Research Associate 67264 GT302
Pickering, Mr Dylan Ph.D, Research Assistant 44374 BMC204
Quinn, Veronica Research Assistant
Raymond, Mr Joel Ph.D, Research Assistant, Casual BMC
Roach, Ms Alex Research Assistant, Clinical Psychology Registrar 44323 BMC
Robinson, Dr Amanda Postdoctoral Research Fellow 12788 GT316
Roquet, Dr Daniel Postdoctoral Research Associate BMC109
Rutherford, Dr Claudia Quality of Life Research Fellow 71583 LIF642
Scharfenberg, Ms Angela Research Assistant 44126 BMC
Serafimovska, Ms Anastasia Research Assistant, Casual LIF
Shaw, Dr Joanne Senior Research Fellow, Executive Director, PoCoG 13761 LIF647
Shepherd, Dr Heather Research Fellow, Adapt Program Manager 70828 LIF645
Si, Ms Emily Research Assistant 0451515580 SB
Suraev, Ms Anastasia Ph.D, Research Associate 10746 BMC621
Tran, Dr Dominic Postdoctoral Research Associate GT528
Vaccaro, Dr Lisa Research Associate 13877 LIF646
Veldre, Dr Aaron Research Associate 18990 GT528
Walker, Ms Sarah MPhil, Casual BM455
Wei, Ms Grace Research Assistant 44183 BMC118
Wong, Ms Roslyn Ph.D, Research Assistant GT530
Wong, Ms Stephanie Postdoctoral Research Associate 44131 BMC
Zhang, Ms Lisa Research Assistant, Casual BM440