Professional Staff Directory

  • Domestic callers, ring (02) 9351 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 1
  • Domestic callers, ring (02) 9114 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 4
  • Domestic callers, ring (02) 9036 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 6
  • International callers, ring: +61-2-9351 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 1
  • International callers, ring: +61-2-9114 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 4
  • International callers, ring: +61-2-9036 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 6
  • Fax - School of Psychology: +61 2 9351 2603
Key to Building Names and Codes:
BMBrennan MacCallum, A18 LIFLifehouse Building, C39Z
GTGriffith Taylor, A19 BMCThe Brain and Mind Centre, M02F (94 Mallett Street)
SBSouth Badham, A16 CAMCamden Campus
CBRCChild Behaviour Research Clinic, M02K

Name Position Phone Email Office  
Allwood, Ms Nicole Problem Gambling Counsellor BMCLevel 3
Angus, Mr Douglas Ph.D, Research Officer 69215
Anjoul, Dr Fadi Problem Gambling Psychologist (Clinical) 44364 BMC234
Barhon, Ms Lucienne Research Assistant 44058 BMC100
Bartley, Ms Nicole Ph.D, Research Officer 75551 LIFLvl6
Beckett, Ms Michelle Research Assistant 44157 BMC204
Bleakley, Ms Janine Problem Gambling Counsellor 69336 MDSI,Campbelltown
Borsato, Ms Elizabeth Clinic Administrator, Healthy Brain Ageing Program 44002 BMC
Braganza, Ms Chantal Clinical Psychologist 44348 BMC226
Brown, Mr James MSc, Education Support Officer 12866 BM325
Carrick, Mr James Research Assistant BMC
Cartwright, Mr Michael Senior Research Officer 10643 BMC401
Chapman, Ms Anne Research Assistant 42199
Cheung, Dr Sau Chi Research Assistant BMC
Cohen, Mr Rhys Senior Project Officer 77044 BMC600
Cuddy, Ms Jessica Research Officer, ADAPT Program 74244 LIFLvl 6
D'Mello, Ms Mirelle Research Assistant 44115 BMC
Davies, Dr Fiona iCanADAPT Support Psychologist 76783 LIFLvl 6
Doyle, Dr Frances Project Manager and Senior Psychologist 17613 GT304
Ellwood, Ms Sophie Research Administration Officer 75420 BM325B
Foxe, Mr David MPhil, Senior Research Officer 44059 BMC
Goldberg, Ms Zoe-Lee Research Assistant 44051 BMCLvl 1
Gooley, Ms Shylaja Clinic Director 44216 BMC227
Guerreiro, Mr Richard Finance Manager 12105 GT488
Handford, Ms Cheryl Lab Manager 10892 BMC623
Horry, Dr David Clinical Neuropsychologist, Test Library 44349 BMC223
Hunt, Dr Christopher Problem Gambling Counsellor 44367 BMC236
Ingram, Ms Belinda Postgraduate Administration 44345 BMC319
Janssen-Kallenberg, Ms Hanna Problem Gambling Psychologist 44152 BMC
Jones, Ms Edwina School Manager 76583 BM422
Keast, Ms Rachael Research Assistant LIFLvl 6
Keen, Ms Brittany Ph.D, Research Assistant 44373 BMC204
Keilar, Ms Lex Executive Assistant (HoS) 12865 GT492
Kemp, Mr Lindsay Ph.D, Research Assistant SB243
Lam, Ms Sylvia HR Officer BM325
Laxton-Blinkhorn, Ms Bonnie Senior Administrative Officer 75343 LIFLvl 6
Lechowicz, Dr Meryn Clinic Director (Clinical Child Psychology Unit) 74625 GT308
Leung, Mr Philip Facilities and Resources Officer 69190 BM325
Lopez Portillo, Ms Beatriz Ph.D, Research Assistant GT310
Low, Mr Ivan Research Assistant BMC
Macalister, Ms Kerrie Problem Gambling Psychologist BMC242
Manager, School School Manager 76583 BM422
Masya, Ms Lindy Senior Research Officer/ ADAPT Program 71224 LIF646
Molinari , Ms Jennifer Problem Gambling Psychologist
Morgan, Mr Stephen Senior Science Communicator (Maths and Statistics) BM325
Murray, Ms Helen Psychology Clinic Receptionist 44343 BMC206
Ning, Ms Julia Gambling Treatment Clinic Director 44246 BMC233
Parica, Ms Elaine Clinical Receptionist 44343 BMC206
Petkovski, Mr Nenad Computer Systems Officer, Deputy Manager of Computer Services,Chief Warden 15695 GT472A
Pickering, Mr Dylan Ph.D, Research Assistant 44374 BMC204
Roach, Ms Alex Research Assistant, Clinical Psychology Registrar 44323 BMC
Sawrikar, Mr Vilas Research Assistant BMC
Scharfenberg, Ms Angela Research Assistant 44126 BMC
Shujau, Dr Muawiyath Technical Officer 14646 GT472C
Staines, Ms Anthea Research Assistant BMC
Tait, Ms Margaret-Ann Research Administrative Officer 71558 LIF642
Tran, Ms Sophia Problem Gambling Psychologist 42199 BMC238
Vu, Mr Thuyen Senior Technical Officer 77969 GT472
Wang, Xinxue Faye Finance Officer 74175 GT488
Webb, Cat Education Support Officer 74736 BM325
West, Ms Stacey Clinical Trial Coordinator 44172 BMC
Zaidi, Tooba Research Administration Officer 44312 BMC301