Academic Staff Directory

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  • International callers, ring: +61-2-9036 + (4 digit ex.) - numbers starting with 6
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Key to Building Names and Codes:
BMBrennan MacCallum, A18 LIFLifehouse Building, C39Z
GTGriffith Taylor, A19 BMCThe Brain and Mind Centre, M02F (94 Mallett Street)
SBSouth Badham, A16 CAMCamden Campus
CBRCChild Behaviour Research Clinic, M02K

Name Position Phone Email Office  
Abbott, Associate Professor Maree Associate Professor, Deputy Head (Clinical Psychology Unit) 44342 BMC320
Alais, Professor David Professor, Associate Head (Research) 12873 GT506
Anderson, Professor Bart Professor 67259 GT320
Andrews, Professor Sally Professor, Deputy Head 18297 GT508
Barnes, Dr Kirsten Postdoctoral Research Assoicate 89964 SB241
Best, Dr Megan Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Early Career Fellowship 71572 LIF
Birney, Dr Damian Senior Lecturer 13354 BM452
Blaszczynski, Professor Alex Professor, Director, Gambling Treatment Clinic 44363 BMC232
Bowen, Dr Michael Senior Lecturer, NHMRC Peter Doherty Biomedical Fellow 13372 BMC
Burgess, Dr Ann Postdoctoral Research Fellow 75626 GT210
Burns, Dr Bruce Senior Lecturer, Coordinator International Exchange 18286 GT512
Butow, Professor Phyllis Professor, Co-Director-CeMPED, Chair-PoCoG 12859 LIF648
Carlson, Associate Professor Thomas Associate Professor 75259 GT318
Cavanagh, Dr Michael Senior Lecturer, Associate Head (Resource) 16791 BM421
Chiarovano, Dr Elodie Associate Lecturer, Applied Neuroscience and Vestibular Research GT210
Colagiuri, Associate Professor Ben Associate Professor, ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher 14589 GT486
D'Rozario, Dr Angela Postdoctoral Research Fellow, NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Fellow 40435 BMC
Dadds, Professor Mark Professor, Co-Director,Clinical Child Psychology Unit 74583 GT526
Dar-Nimrod, Dr Ilan Senior Lecturer, PG Coordinator (Admissions) 12908 BM420
Dhillon, Dr Haryana Senior Lecturer 65392
Gainsbury, Dr Sally Senior Lecturer, ARC Decra, Deputy Director, GTC & RGRP 75642 BMC231
Gibson, Frances Clinical Psychologist BMC
Goldwater, Dr Micah B. Lecturer, PG Coordinator (Seminar Series) 15453 BM342
Gonsalkorale, Dr Karen Senior Lecturer, School Ethics Committee Chair 18930 BM445
Grant, Professor Anthony Associate Professor, Director, Coaching Psychology Unit 16792 BM424
Harris, Associate Professor Irina Associate Professor 13497 GT510
Harris, Professor Justin Professor, Deputy Head,Associate Head (Resources) 12864 GT478
Hawes, Associate Professor David Associate Professor, Co-Director,Clinical Child Psychology Unit 44344 BMC310
Hibberd, Dr Fiona Senior Lecturer, Subdean (Faculty Academic Advice) 12867 BM451
Holcombe, Professor Alex Professor, Student Liaison Manager (UG) 12883 GT504
Hoyos, Dr Camilla Postdoctoral Research Fellow, NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Fellow 40409
Hunt, Professor Caroline Professor, Head (Clinical Psychology Unit) 44340 BMC316
Irish, Associate Professor Muireann Associate Professor, ARC Future Fellow 44165 BMC
Johnston, Dr Ian Senior Lecturer, Animal Users Group 14353 SB244
Juraskova, Associate Professor Ilona Associate Professor 16811 BM446
King, Professor Madeleine Professor, Cancer Australia Chair in Quality of Life 66114 LIF643
Kleitman, Associate Professor Sabina Associate Professor 17703 BM441
Kumfor, Dr Fiona Senior Research Fellow 44181 BMC
Lah, Associate Professor Sunny Associate Professor 12648 BMC318
Landin-Romero, Dr Ramon Research Fellow 44129 BMC
Livesey, Dr Evan Senior Lecturer, Honours Coordinator 12845 GT480
Lo, Dr Steson Associate Lecturer 69325 GT530
MacCann, Associate Professor Carolyn Associate Professor, Coordinator (UG Intermediate/Senior) 14236 BM449
MacDougall, Associate Professor Hamish Associate Professor 18669 GT210
McGregor, Professor Iain Professor 10883 BMC605
Miguel, Dr Bedoya Perez Postdoctoral Research Fellow 44018 BMC619
Morandini, Dr James Postdoctoral Research Assoicate BM454
Moul, Dr Caroline Lecturer 66011 BM338
Mowszowski, Dr Loren Postdoctoral Research Fellow, NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Fellow 10757 BMC
Naismith, Professor Sharon Professor, Leonard P Ullman Chair 10781 BMC532
O'Connor, Dr Sean Lecturer, PG Contact Coaching 16809 BM419
Owens, Dr Caleb Senior Lecturer, Associate Head Education, SONA 17523 BM453
Paterson, Dr Helen Senior Lecturer, Coordinator (UG Intmd/Sr)/Talented Student Program 69403 BM439
Piguet, Professor Olivier Professor, Clinical Neuropsychology 13799 BMC
Pinkus, Dr Rebecca Lecturer, Psychological Statistics 74641 BM444
Piotrowska, Dr Patrycja Postdoctoral Research Fellow GT304
Rhodes, Associate Professor Paul Associate Professor, Student Liaison Manager CPU 44339 BMC309
Sharpe, Professor Louise Professor, Associate Head (PG Research) 14558 BM450
Shaw, Dr Joanne Senior Research Fellow, Executive Director, PoCoG 13761 LIF647
Shepherd, Dr Heather Research Fellow 70828
Szabo, Dr Marianna Senior Lecturer 15147 BM417
Tiliopoulos, Dr Niko Senior Lecturer, Psychology Museum Curator, HREC 69223 BM448
Touyz, Professor Stephen Professor 44341 BMC321
Tran, Dr Dominic Postdoctoral Research Fellow GT502
van Golde, Dr Celine Lecturer, Coordinator Summer School 70807 BM
Verstraten, Professor Frans Professor, Head of School 12865 GT490
White, Professor Fiona Professor, Associate Dean (BLAS) 13246 BM426