Date Title
20180806 Dr Loren Mowszowski interviewed on "Some practical tips on getting motivated to improve lifestyle and well-being"
20180803 A Night of Illusions: tickets available
20180801 Congratulations to Associate Professor Hamish MacDougall who has been awarded the 2018 Vogt prize
20180716 Christopher Hunt interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald: What real men look like [Media]
20180713 Congratulations to Dr Sally Gainsbury
20180712 Congratulations to Professor Caroline Hunt on her appointment as Chair of the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council
20180712 Congratulations to Professor Madeleine King who has been re-awarded grant funding for three years from Cancer Australia
20180710 Content of illicit cannabis to treat kids with epilepsy revealed
20180710 Australian GPs cautiously supportive of medicinal cannabis access
20180706 Anastasia Suraev interviewed by the ABC: Cannabis chemical THC could be missing 'piece to the puzzle' in treating kids with epilepsy [Media]
20180706 Anastasia Suraev and Professor Iain McGregor interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald: Parents unknowingly give THC-tinged cannabis to children with epilepsy [Media]
20180706 Professor Sharon Naismith interviewed by the ABC: Sleep apnoea a new risk factor for dementia, researchers say [Media]
20180704 Professor Iain McGregor interviewed by the ABC: Patients ask 60 per cent of GPs about medicinal cannabis
20180702 Professor Sharon Naismith to play a key role in harmonising memory clinics throughout Australia and in neuropsychological components of clinical trials within the newly-announced $18M Dementia Network Grant, ADNeT
20180629 Congratulations to Dr Haryana Dhillon and Dr Joanne Shaw on securing Cancer Australia Infrastructure Funding under the Support Clinical Trials grant scheme
20180615 Associate Professor Hamish MacDougall awarded the prestigious Hallepike-Nylen Medal
20180531 Dr Micah Goldwater and Prof Alex Holcombe interviewed by ABC: Digital clocks spell the death of analog, but does it alter our perception of time?
20180522 Dr Celine Van Golde interviewed by Triple J Hack: The other-race effect
20180518 The Conversation article by Stephanie Wong, Dr Fiona Kumfor and Rosalind Hutchings: Explainer: how is frontotemporal dementia different and what are the warning signs?
20180517 Professor David Alais interviewed for The Guardian article: Laurel or Yanny: why do some people hear a different word?
20180508 Postgraduate student Ruth Wells' research featured in The Conversation article: Dancing out of depression - how Syrian refugees are using exercise to improve mental health
20180504 Emeritus Professor Bob Boakes' research featured in the SMH: Sugar could rot your memory. So, how long does it take to reverse?
20180502 Congratulations to Stephen Touyz on launch of InsideOut Institute
20180502 Congratulations to PhD student Chindhu Shunmuga Sundaram on being selected for a place on the 2018 Australia and Asia Pacific Clinical Oncology Research Development (ACORD) Workshop
20180430 Dr Haryana Dhillon and Dr Joanne Shaw awarded NHMRC Partnerships Project
20180430 The Conversation article by Assoc Prof David Hawes: Evidence-based parenting: how to deal with aggression, tantrums and defiance
20180426 Associate Professor Ben Colagiuri's research featured in The Saturday Paper: Getting benefits from placebos
20180413 Professor Madeleine King awarded the prestigious HAL-MOT PROMs Career Achievement Award
20180411 Eyewitness memory: Dr Celine van Golde and PhD student Hayley Cullen on SBS Insight
20180411 Associate Professor Hamish MacDougall awarded the prestigious Hallpike-Nylén Medal
20180409 The Conversation article by Dr Helen Paterson: Why we made iWitnessed, an app to collect evidence
20180404 Register now for 'Virtual Reality: Exploring new dimensions' public lecture
20180403 Associate Professor Ilona Juraskova awarded a three-year Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Grant
20180403 iWitnessed app launched by memory experts, police, QC
20180327 Professor Anthony Grant and Dr Sean O'Connor's research featured in HRD: Can your building make your staff more productive?
20180320 Book tickets to Associate Professor Muireann Irish's presentation: This Sounds Like Science - Music and Memory (12.30pm Thursday 9 August 2018, City Recital Hall)
20180319 Dr Michael Bowen interviewed by 9 News: Sydney researchers develop pill that could help to cure drug and alcohol addiction
20180312 Professor David Burr interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald: How you see this optical illusion might reveal a lot about you
20180307 Dr Joanne Shaw interviewed by ABC: How scalp-cooling can improve the mental health of cancer patients by giving them control and privacy
20180301 PhD student Marvin Law awarded Westpac Future Leaders scholarship
20180223 SMH article by Professor Iain McGregor: GPs prescribing cannabis could be just what the doctor ordered
20180221 Prof Madeleine King and Dr Rebecca Mercieca-Bebber contribute to guidelines to improve the use of feedback from patients in clinical trials
20180219 BPsych graduate Marvin Law awarded Westpac Future Leaders scholarship
20180217 $4m uni spin-off announced to develop anti-addiction drugs [Media]
20180131 Dr Sally Gainsbury in the Media [Media]
20180122 Solving the Mystery of Unconscious Bias [Media]
20180115 The 2 Ways to Become the Cool Person You Always Wanted to Be
20180110 Sally Gainsbury receives international accolades for gambling research