Date Title
20171016 Congratulations Professor Louise Sharpe
20171016 NHMRC Fellowship Congratulations
20171012 Why so few Australians are using medicinal cannabis on prescription [Media]
20171005 Oct 25: Dr Sally Gainsbury To Discuss Online Gambling
20171004 Oct 16: Dr Sally Gainsbury To Speak At Sydney Ideas: The Impact Of Smartphones On Mental Health
20170925 Medical marijuana - the next wonder drug?
20170831 Why does time fly ... or not? It's all in your mind [Media]
20170829 What good is a fit body without a fit mind? [Media]
20170818 School's VR Lab Features On ABC Catalyst [Media]
20170814 Dr Ilan Dar-Nimrod Talks To ABC Radio About Atheism And Prejudice [Media]
20170804 Carolyn MacCann Hosts Worldwide Workshop On Situational Judgement Test Best Practice
20170804 Celine van Golde Panelist For Powerhouse Museum Event - Your Brain on Fake News [Media]
20170804 PhD Student Karina Mak Features In Westpac Article [Media]
20170802 Sharon Naismith Awarded NHMRC Funding For Dementia Research [Grant]
20170731 Celine van Golde To Discuss Wrongful Convictions At The Sydney Ideas Post Truth Initiative Series
20170728 Fiona White Receives Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence
20170725 Kim Ransley Will Lead A Night Of Illusions
20170724 Celine van Golde And Louise Sharpe Receive Faculty Award
20170721 Muireann Irish Elected As Fellow Of The Royal Society Of NSW
20170717 Mark Dadds Awarded NHMRC Funding - Can We Shape Kids Genetic Exposure To Behaviour Problems [Grant]
20170713 Phyllis Buttow Receives The NHMRC Elizabeth Blackburn Fellowship Award
20170710 PSYCHFEST 2017 IS COMING!!
20170705 Suncica Lah & Sabina Kleitman Selected For Prestigious Vice-Chancellor's Sponsorship Program
20170704 Muireann Irish Wins Government Award For Groundbreaking Work In STEM [Media]
20170629 School Of Psychology VR Presentation At The Sydney Local Health District Innovation Symposium [Media]
20170614 Outcomes For School’s VICS Funding
20170614 'Mind-body' Healing: Success of Placebo Trials Challenges Medical Thinking [Media]
20170613 A/Prof Holcombe 'At The Forefront Of Cultural Change' Regarding Replication Studies [Media]
20170609 Interventions Ease Cancer-Related Stress, Depression [Media]
20170609 School Scholarships Applications Reopen
20170608 School of Psychology Prizes and Scholarships
20170608 Seed Grants Awarded [Grant]
20170606 Paul Rhodes Co-Convenor of Critical and Post-Structural Psychology Special Interest Group
20170518 New journal 'Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science' launched [Media]
20170504 A/Prof Muireann Irish gives the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia Paul Bourke Lecture
20170503 Philippa Specker was awarded the Convocation Medal at the University’s Alumni Awards.
20170503 Muireann Irish awarded the Edgeworth David Medal
20170421 Elizabeth Stewart Receives ARC Award
20170410 Dr Marianna Szabo Talks To SMH About Mindfulness [Media]
20170331 Celine Van Golde and Miiko Kumar awarded Project-based Unit Grant [Grant]
20170328 Ben Colagiuri and Rebecca Pinkus awarded Education Innovation Grant [Grant]
20170324 Michael Bowen Talks On Addiction At The Sydney Science Forum [Media]
20170323 Hilary Don Awarded this year's Faculty of Science Postgraduate Research Prize
20170313 UNESCO Recognises A/Prof Muireann Irish For Her Contribution To Science [Media]
20170228 Stefano Verrelli and Rachel Maunder awarded the Margaret Foddy Postgraduate Travel Award
20170220 Gaming and gambling are converging and teens are a willing audience [Media]
20170213 Not Guilty? How direct gaze influences face recognition [Media]
20170210 The Winner Of The Australian Psychological Society Prize For 2016 Is …
20170131 Highly-cited Article In International Journal Of Educational Research
20170131 Gambling Treatment Clinic Is Inviting Visiting Scholars To Join Collaborative Research Agenda
20170120 STUDENT VOLUNTEER NEEDED – Fairfield area
20170113 Highly-cited Article In The Journal Patient Education And Counseling