Date Title
20151216 Dr Ben Colagiuri featured on ABC story on the Nocebo Effect. [Media]
20151204 ALG Xmas Workshop 2015
20151123 Fran Lubotzky Awarded Best Oral Presentation At COSA
20151117 Philanthropy Success For Research On Domestic Violence
20151117 Rose Iannuzzelli Interviewed By ABC RN Life Matters [Media]
20151117 Christopher Hunt Appeared On Channel 7 Speaking About Gender Differences [Media]
20151112 Caleb Owens Receives Outstanding Lecturer Of The Year Award
20151111 2016 ARC & NHMRC Grants [Grant]
20151110 Sunny Lah Promoted To Chief Investigator In The ARC Centre Of Excellence In Cognition And Its Disorders
20151105 Dr David Allsop interviewed on the evidence base for cannabinoid therapeutics in The Medical Republic [Media]
20151103 David Allsop On The Conversation - Can Medicinal Cannabis Oil Be Imported Into Australia? [Media]
20151029 Dr. Sabina Kleitman Has Been Awarded The 2016 Brown Fellowship
20151027 David Allsop In The Huffington Post On Cannabis, Epilepsy, And Raising The Bar [Media]
20151027 McGregor And Allsop Featured In Sydney Alumni Magazine
20151027 Steson Lo & Sally Andrews - What Is The Secret To Being Good At Maths? [Media]
20151026 Young Scientists Awarded, Embark On Year-Long Campaign
20151020 Psychology Staff Recognised At The Alumni Awards
20151016 MIND Research Cluster Featured In Center For The Economics Of Human Development
20151016 David Allsop Talks About Medical Cannabis On ABC Radio Overnights [Media]
20151016 Sydney Postgraduate Psychology Conference 2015
20151008 Are Today's Standards For Being A 'Real Man' Leading To Violence Against Women?
20151008 Michael Bowen Receives NSW Premier’s Prize For Early Career Researcher Of The Year
20150930 Michael Bowen Awarded APS Prize For Excellent PhD Thesis
20150924 Lisa Kim Awarded Fellowship At University Of York
20150918 Eileen Chu And Stefano Verrelli On The Topic Of Online Dating
20150828 International Effort Tackles Reproduction Of Original Science Results
20150820 PsychFest 2015 is coming!!
20150706 Michael Gascoigne Receives Award For Best Student Abstract
20150622 Campbell Perry Scholarship Awarded
20150612 Lambert Donation Puts Australia At Forefront Of Medicinal Cannabinoid Research
20150602 School of Psychology Prizes and Scholarships
20150522 School of Psychology Publication Prize 2014
20150521 Lisa Kim awarded APA Grant and selected for Doctoral Student Seminar
20150513 Sabina Kleitman Awarded DSTO Research Agreement [Grant]
20150504 Scott Mooney Awarded this year's Faculty of Science Postgraduate Research Prize
20150424 Michael Gascoigne Awarded APS CCLP Student Prize
20150424 Unexpected challenges for LGBs in outer metropolitan areas
20150413 Cancer survivors can have a fulfilling sex life – we need to talk about how
20150325 Lisa Kim Accepted Into ETS Internship Program
20150324 Five Minutes With Phyllis Butow [Media]
20150323 Simon Jackson Accepted Into ETS Internship Program
20150317 Michael Bowen In The Media [Media]
20150316 A/Prof Alex Holcombe On List Of Influential Sydney Academics On Twitter [Media]
20150305 Cancer Institute NSW Grants Awarded To Phyllis Butow [Grant]
20150305 Medibank Health Research Fund Awarded To Madeleine King [Grant]
20150305 Lisa Kim Has Won An International Travel Award To Attend AERA
20150302 Bart Anderson In The Media - What colour is the dress?
20150224 Catalina Lawsin & Rekindle Feature On ABC News [Media]
20150224 Sobering effect of the love hormone
20150220 Let's talk about sex...after cancer
20150219 Breast cancer: women told of over-diagnosis make better screening choices
20150213 Michael Bowen In Finals For Young Science Leader Award
20150212 Michael Bowen Interviewed By NineMSN - Can You Cure Love? [Media]
20150211 Alex Blaszczynski Appointed To The Psychology Council of NSW
20150203 Our Psychology Lecturer is in the Top 15 Nation Wide
20150122 NHMRC/DVC Equipment Grant Awarded [Grant]
20150116 PhD Student Richard Kevin Interviewed By ABC 7.30 On Synthetic Drugs [Media]
20150113 How Gillard's Experience Inspires Or Discourages Women [Media]