Date Title
20141210 Paper By Lauren Shone Featured In APA PeePs (Particularly Exciting Experiments in Psychology)
20141205 Iain McGregor & David Allsop Discuss Medical Marijuana In The Age & SMH [Media]
20141204 Gambling Treatment Clinic Features On ABC 7.30 News [Media]
20141203 Sabina Kleitman Conferred Title of Visiting Associate Professor at Yale
20141125 Bart Anderson To Speak At 'Research Bites' [Media]
20141125 Ben Colagiuri In The Media Speaking About The Placebo Effect [Media]
20141124 Ian Curthoys Awarded The Gold Medal Of The Prosper Meniere Society
20141117 Our Head Of School Frans Verstraten Meets Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte In Sydney
20141106 Endeavour Research Fellowship Awarded To James Heathers
20141106 Micah Goldwater Receives Funding From Office Of Global Engagement
20141105 ARC Discovery Grants Awarded For 2015 [Grant]
20141103 Best Poster Award For Alice Norton
20141103 Sharlene Mantz And Alice Norton Receive Institute Of Psychiatry Fellowships
20141103 Fiona White And Ben Colagiuri To Speak At NSW Parliament House [Media]
20141031 Karen Croot Appears On The Project Speaking About Foreign Accent Syndrome [Media]
20141030 Psychology Graduation [PhD]
20141030 Ben Colagiuri Awarded APS Early Career Research Award
20141028 Joanna Fardell Awarded APS Prize for Excellent PhD Thesis
20141020 NH&MRC Grants Awarded [Grant]
20141020 David Allsop Appearing On ABC Radio National And SBS Insight TV Show Speaking About Medical Cannabis [Media]
20141009 Anthony Grant And Sean O’Connor On ABC Life Matters [Media]
20141001 Iain McGregor Makes An Appearance On ABC 7.30 [Media]
20141001 David Allsop Interviewed By The Medical Observer [Media]
20140922 Stephen Touyz Awarded the Ian M Campbell Memorial Prize
20140902 David Allsop & Iain McGregor In The Media - The Science Of Medical Cannabis [Media]
20140826 ALG Conference and Prof Bob Boakes Festschrift
20140819 Photos from the 2014 PsychFest
20140815 Anthony Grant is Scientist in Residence with the ABC [Media]
20140711 Thompson Fellowship Awarded [Grant]
20140701 Alex Blaszczynski to receive Lifetime Research Award
20140626 Lucy Firth and Campbell Perry Scholarships Awarded
20140623 Emily Karanges on ABC News - Rise in children on strong drugs [Media]
20140620 Australian children and adolescents increasingly use psychotropic drugs: new study [Media]
20140619 Stephen Touyz honoured with ANZAED’s first Lifetime Achievement Award
20140605 School of Psychology Prizes and Scholarships
20140603 New support for responsible gambling research
20140526 Caroline Hunt appointed to APAC Board
20140523 Scott Griffiths invited to attend the Commonwealth Science Conference to be held in Bangalore, India.
20140331 Psychology Graduation
20140320 Sally Andrews : "Spritz and other speed reading apps: prose and cons" [Media]
20140303 Scott Griffiths on ABC Life Matters - Bigorexia: steroids, men and muscle dysmorphia [Media]
20140228 Michael Gascoigne Receives Outstanding Student Publication Award
20140224 Scott Griffiths Nominated To Attend First Commonwealth Science Conference, Bangalore, India
20140211 Amanda Arcieri Awarded International Scholarship
20140130 Cecilia Minogue awarded 2014 Leslie Rich Scholarship for Research into Dementia
20140128 Professor Phyllis Butow honoured on Australia Day [Media]
20140124 Lisa Dawson Awarded Australian and New Zealand Academy of Eating Disorders/Academy of Eating Disorders Young Investigator Scholarship
20140109 Simon Jackson awarded best student paper prize