Date Title
20131203 Iain McGregor appears on ABC 7.30 and SMH
20131202 Lisa Kim Awarded Best Student Presentation Prize
20131113 Barangaroo Gambling Measures Do Not Go Far Enough Says Expert
20131111 ARC Grants Awarded [Grant]
20131107 Higher Degrees Awarded [PhD]
20131107 Christopher Hunt Awarded Talents Up Mobility Fellowship
20131107 Heather Kember Awarded American Australian Association Fellowship
20131105 Alex Russell In The News - Odds Are Against You Backing A Winner [Media]
20131030 Alex Blaszczynski Receives Grant For Gambling Harm Minimisation Research [Grant]
20131030 Treatment For Social Phobia To Be Used For Eating Disorders
20131028 NH&MRC Grants Awarded [Grant]
20131022 Alex Holcombe Receives Open Access Champion 2013 Award [Media]
20131001 Book Published by Alan Craddock
20130913 Marijuana users beware: heavy exercise may lead to a positive drug test [Media]
20130909 2013 EBPS-Behavioural Pharmacology Best Paper Prize Awarded
20130830 Peter Beumont Young Investigator Award
20130821 2013 Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) Citation Award
20130802 Templeton Foundation Grant Awarded [Grant]
20130726 First ever study of cannabis potency in Australia [Media]
20130723 Frans Verstraten elected president 2013-2014 of the Vision Sciences Society
20130722 Michael Bowen receives Glenn Hatton Memorial Award
20130708 Niko Tiliopoulos Awarded Grant by Indonesian Ministry of Education [Grant]
20130702 Iain McGregor makes an appearance on ABC Catalyst [Media]
20130702 Linnet Ramos has won a travel award to attend IBNS [Grant]
20130701 ARC Linkage Grant Awarded for Rekindle [Grant]
20130617 Tasmanian wakes from crash with rare Foreign Accent Syndrome [Media]
20130613 Responsible Gambling Research at the Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic
20130606 Higher Degrees Awarded [PhD]
20130606 Brown Fellowship Awarded [Grant]
20130603 Problem Gambling Counselling and Support Services Funding Awarded [Grant]
20130524 Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation Grant Awarded [Grant]
20130524 Chris Hadfield Participates in Operator Proficiency Assessment [Media]
20130426 Tanya Sackville Scholarship Awarded
20130412 Our Psychology Lecturers are in the Top 100 [Media]
20130411 Are People Really Staring at You? [Media]
20130403 Award for Alex Blaszczynski
20130318 First post-flight subject returning from the International Space Station on Friday March 15, 2013 [Media]
20130313 The Perspectives on Psychological Science journal launches new Registered Replication Reports [Media]
20130313 Monika Kent Awarded APS Prize in Psychology
20130306 aVOR - vestibular education app has reached 10,000 downloads [Media]
20130213 Letting your feelings decide [Media]
20130211 Bridging Support Grant Awarded [Grant]
20130211 Anthony Grant Conferred Title of Visiting Scholar
20130122 New ‘Journal of Eating Disorders’ announced [Media]
20130115 Bridging Support Grant Awarded [Grant]