Date Title
20121122 Windmills of the mind shed light on vision [Media]
20121114 Emotional Intelligence: Fact or Fiction? [Media]
20121106 ARC Grants Awarded [Grant]
20121031 Successful ARC CCD Support Scheme Application [Grant]
20121030 How watching Pixar revealed the dark side of gloss
20121024 NH&MRC Grants Awarded [Grant]
20121017 Thompson Fellowship Awarded [Grant]
20120927 Scientific data should be shared: an open letter to the ARC [Media]
20120913 Early Career Metacognition Paper Award
20120912 Emotional intelligence: fact or fad? [Media]
20120912 UWA Research Collaboration Award
20120906 Success at the Paralympics
20120823 Grants-in-Aid Scholarships Awarded
20120815 Teaching Insight: Tackling plagiarism through effective teaching
20120808 Farewell to Margaret Charles and David Livesey
20120723 Premier's Award for Outstanding Cancer Researcher
20120720 Tactics to handle little terrors and their tantrums [Media]
20120717 Why the black dog trails epileptics [Media]
20120712 The evidence for meditation [Media]
20120627 Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) Grant
20120626 ACQ Editor’s Prize 2011
20120604 Lecturer of the Year Award [Media]
20120530 2011 School of Psychology Prizes and Scholarships
20120528 Helen Beh Obituary in The Sydney Morning Herald
20120517 Time #1: What's wrong with this picture? [Media]
20120517 Faculty Postgraduate Research Prize Awarded
20120510 Visiting Fellowship at the Centre for Advanced Studies, Ludwigs Maximilians University
20120503 2012 Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Support of the Student Experience
20120430 Robert Bárány Medal Awarded
20120411 College of Clinical Psychologists Student Prize Awarded
20120410 RIBG top-slice outcomes announced
20120404 Dust Disease Board of NSW Grant Awarded
20120402 International Cognition and Cancer Task Force Young Investigator Award
20120309 NH&MRC Equipment Grant Awarded [Grant]
20120309 Are Narcissists Better at Reading Minds? [Media]
20120213 Based on the evidence, coaching sector raises the bar [Media]
20120208 Spread the word: Scientists are tearing down publishers' walls [Media]
20120208 Honorary President - Asia Pacific Association for Gambling Studies
20120208 Vale Helen Beh
20120208 Vestibular Education and Public Outreach App
20120206 Depression link to heart disease not affected by medication [Media]
20120119 Beyond spirituality: The role of meditation in mental health [Media]
20120116 Sydney Bridging Support Grant Awarded [Grant]
20120106 People with eating disorders still suffering on sidelines [Media]
20120103 Vale Roderick McDonald