Date Title
20111216 Karen Gonsalkorale Recognised as Rising Star in Psychology Research
20111216 Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation Project Grant Awarded
20111209 Uni students believe cows are plants [Media]
20111209 Centre for Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Summer Scholarships Awarded
20111209 Endeavour Research Fellowship Awarded
20111123 The sensory science behind wine tasting [Media]
20111117 ARC Future Fellowship Granted
20111117 Templeton Foundation Grant Awarded [Grant]
20111107 Young Tall Poppy Science Awards for University of Sydney
20111107 Valma Angliss Award Granted
20111101 ARC Grants Awarded
20111031 Widening Participation Grant Awarded
20111031 BeyondBlue Grant Awarded
20111024 Lisa Zadro Recognised as Rising Star in Psychology Research
20111019 NH&MRC Grants Awarded
20111011 Peter Beumont Memorial Lecture
20110930 Proof of the pill: cutting out the guesswork in prescribing antidepressants [Media]
20110922 The right person for the job? Weeding out personality-test fakers isn't easy [Media]
20110915 Memories you cannot swear by [Media]
20110912 The dark side of the love drug – oxytocin linked to gloating, envy and aggression [Media]
20110907 Sydney Postgraduate Psychology Conference 2011
20110829 Telling the difference between depression and anxiety disorders [Media]
20110829 Fake personalities [Media]
20110817 Stephen Touyz Awarded AED Leadership Award for Research
20110803 Carolyn MacCann’s Book Published
20110719 Learning, Teaching, and Assessment Resource Prize Awarded
20110713 Visiting International Collaborator Support (VICS) scheme
20110713 I'll huff and I'll puff... and I'll build my self-esteem [Media]
20110707 I'm not racist, but...... [Media]
20110629 Selling sickness or dulling the pain: The pros and cons of antidepressants [Media]
20110629 Hold your horses - news just in on the speed of sight [Media]
20110614 Higher Degrees Awarded [PhD]
20110608 Simulating the adaptation to gravity [Media]
20110606 The Science of Sex Appeal [Media]
20110606 Madeleine King's Cancer Australia Chair Position Extended
20110517 Depression can break your heart, literally [Media]
20110517 2010 School of Psychology Prizes and Scholarships
20110511 Recent PhD completions [PhD]
20110504 Sydney Psychology Ranked 11th in the World [Media]
20110406 Irrational eyes: seeing curves that aren't there [Media]
20110322 Marc de Rosnay's Book Published
20110322 Anthony Grant Conferred Title of Visiting Professor
20110222 Alzheimer's Australia Research Grant Awarded
20110218 Annaleise Robertson Awarded Best Student Poster Presentation Prize
20110218 Emily Kothe Awarded People's Choice Award for Best Presentation
20110127 Niko Tiliopoulos’ Book Published