Date Title
20101206 Michael Spurrier Awarded Best Student Presentation Prize
20101118 Ben Smith Awarded Rotary Mental Health Scholarship
20101117 Justin Harris Awarded ARC Future Fellowship
20101116 Top-cited Article in Journal of Neuroscience Methods 2008-2010
20101115 NH&MRC Grants Awarded
20101108 Kiley Seymour Awarded APS Prize for Excellent PhD Thesis
20101103 Sydney Genesis Business Plan Prize Awarded
20101025 ARC Grants Awarded
20101025 Tony Grant’s New Book Published
20101022 Alex Blaszczynski on the Ministerial Expert Advisory Group on Gambling
20101021 ARC Centre of Excellence for Vision Science in the News
20101015 Grant Awarded by Foundation of Informed Medical Decision Making
20100909 Joanna Fardell and Adam Walczak Awarded Conference Prizes
20100828 Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) Grant Awarded [Grant]
20100827 Galvanic Vestibular-stimulation Device Used in NASA Research
20100813 NSW Psychologists Registration Board Grant Awarded
20100813 Recent PhD completions [PhD]
20100811 Helen Paterson in the News
20100809 Sydney Postgraduate Psychology Conference 2010
20100804 Victorian Cancer Agency Grant Awarded
20100702 Caroline Hunt Appointed NSW Chair of the Psychology Board of Australia
20100702 Cara Wong Invited to Visceral Mind Summer School
20100701 ARC Linkage Grants Awarded
20100528 VicHealth Innovation Grant Awarded
20100508 2009 School of Psychology Prizes and Scholarships
20100503 Campbell Perry International Travel Scholarships Awarded
20100416 Erin Goddard Awarded EPC Best Student Presentation Prize
20100408 Chris Hunt Awarded Grant-in-Aid by The Society of Australasian Social Psychologists
20100309 Daniel Quintana Awarded Rotary Mental Health Scholarship [Grant]
20100303 Josh McGrane Awarded Tasman Lovell Medallion
20100303 TIES Grants Awarded [Grant]