Cancer Australia and Cancer Council NSW funding congratulations


Congratulations to A/Prof Ilona Juraskova, Prof Phyllis Butow, Dr Rebekah Laidsaar-Powell, Prof Frances Boyle, Prof Patsy Yates, Prof Penny Schofield, Prof Judy Kay & Dr Daniel Costa for being awarded Cancer Australia and Cancer Council NSW funding for their project, "Empowering the clinician-patient-carer TRIO: RCT of novel online education modules to facilitate effective family carer involvement in oncology". The project will run from 2018-20 and has received $593,202 funding.

Lay summary:
Family carers play a critical role in cancer care; patients who are supported by family-carers have better psychological and physical outcomes, including longer survival. Good communication between the clinician, patient and family-carers is key to educating and guiding family carers in how to provide quality home-based care and support. However, poor clinician-carer communication is common, and family carers often report feeling excluded, uninformed, and not supported. While clinicians commonly report carer involvement to be beneficial, they find many aspects of triadic (clinician-patient-carer) consultations challenging and want practical guidance to navigate these complex interactions. Yet virtually no training has been developed to help oncology clinicians manage or enhance communication with family-carers. Over the past 7-years, our team has completed the TRIadic Oncology (TRIO) research program, which comprehensively explored family carer involvement in consultations and treatment decision-making, ultimately creating the first international, evidence-based (TRIO) clinical guidelines, with accompanying training videos. Drawing on the TRIO guidelines/videos, the objective of this project is to develop two online, evidence-based education training modules: a) for oncology clinicians - to effectively engage with, and manage, family carer involvement in consultations; and b) for patients and carers - to educate, ‘mobilise’ and empower them in interactions with clinicians and healthcare. Once developed, the effectiveness of the combination of both online modules in improving better patient and carer outcomes will be evaluated via a randomised controlled trial.