Rapid2 Toolbox and REPT

Here you can download Rapid2 Matlab toolbox for controlling Magstim Rapid2stimulator via a serial connection and REPT staircase procedure for estimating phosphene threshold.

Matlab toolbox for Controlling Rapid2 Stimulator

The toolbox is designed to control the Magstim Rapid2 stimualtor via a serial connection. The toolbox description will be published in a manuscript which we have submitted for publication in an Open Access journal. To test the toolbox, download an example Matlab script which demonstrates how to arm the stimulator, change stimulation intensity and deliver a pulse.


Rapid Estimation of Phosphene Thresholds (REPT)

A Bayesian adaptive staircase procedure to accurately estimate phosphene thresholds. The method utilises the Rapid2 toolbox to programmatically adjust the stimulation intensity via a serial connection. REPT is a fast and accurate method compared with other published procedures, and has a Matlab GUI based convenient user interface to control the stimulator and run the staircase. A brief summary of the method is provided in the presentation on this page.


If you would like to cite the Rapid2 toolbox or REPT, please use the following reference:

Abrahamyan, A., Clifford, C. W. G., Ruzzoli, M., Phillips, D., Arabzadeh, E., & Harris, J. A. (2011). Accurate and Rapid Estimation of Phosphene Thresholds (REPT). PLoS ONE 6(7): e22342 [Download]


Python Library for Rapid2 stimulator by Chad Boulay

Chadwick Boulay is a Brain-Computer Interface researcher and he developed a Python module to control Magstim BiStim and Rapid2 stimulators. You can download it from his github page: https://github.com/cboulay/magstim-python.



Rapid2 Toolbox (ver 1.0)

01 Sep 2010

Example to Test Rapid2 Toolbox

01 Sep 2010

REPT (ver 1.4)

27 May 2011

Serial cable preparation instructions and description of Rapid2 toolbox (ver 1.0)


We will be releasing a new version of Rapid2 Toolbox, which will support repetitive stimulation mode and work on a Mac.