Could research into oxytocin and alcohol lead to a ‘sobriety pill’? An article in The Conversation by Dr Michael Bowen and ProfessorIain McGregor featuring our new research on oxytocin blocking alcohol intoxication.

Can you cure love? Dr Michael Bowen is featured in an article on NineMSN about the science of romantic and emotional attachments and the ethical ramifications of developing drugs that “switch-off” love.

Synthetic drugs will bring overdoses and deaths, experts warn. A segment of ABCs 7:30 Report featuring Richard Kevincommenting on the recent synthetic cannabinoid poisonings in Queensland.

Synthetic cannabis deaths sound alarm in Australia. Richard Kevin comments on the recent suspected synthetic cannabinoid poisonings in Queensland.


Old dope, new tricks: The new science of medical cannabis. An article in The Conversation by David Allsop and Iain McGregor about medicinal cannabis in Australia and our latest research.

Anti-depressant prescriptions for kids on the rise. An interview with Emily Karanges on ABC news about her recent work on increasing anti-depressant prescription rates for Australian children.
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Pill popping. SMH story on pill popping including increased antidepressant use featuring comments by Iain McGregor.

Growing concerns over side-effects of seroquel. ABC TV 7.30 report story on seroquel featuring comments by Iain McGregor.

The straight dope: Marijuana in NSW is among strongest in the world. Sydney Morning Herald article on our recent potency study of NSW cannabis.

High Alert for Synthetic Drugs. Iain McGregor comments on the emerging synthetic drugs in Australia.

Life Enhancing Drugs. Iain McGregor and the lab were featured on ABC Catalyst in a story about smart drugs.

TGA to decide on benzos rescheduling. Iain McGregor comments on the likely rescheduling of the benzodiazepine alprazolam.

Marketing Crazy. Iain McGregor comments on the explosive growth in antidepressant utilization in Australia.

An article on the inherited risk of alcoholism and relapse featuring Michael Bowen.

Wikipedia article on SDB-001, one of the synthetic cannabinoids currently being examined in the lab, with a mention of one of our recent publications.

Drug experts meet in Hobart. Iain McGregor provides the keynote address to the 2013 Comorbidity Symposium in Hobart.

Concerns over rising psychotropic drug use. A piece in Psychiatry Update on our work on trends in psychotropic drug use over the last decade.


The Hamster Wheel: Health in the Media. Entertaining segment from ‘The Hamster Wheel’ featuring Craig Motbey and mephedrone.

Use of antidepressants doubles in 10 years. An article in The Australian about our recent paper on medical psychotropic use in Australia.

Mephedrone and Memory Loss. An interview with Craig Motbey about the findings of his research into mephedrone.

Party’s over: Mephedrone causes memory impairment. An article in The Conversation by Craig Motbey about the lasting cognitive damage seen with mephedrone use.

University of Sydney study shows methamphetamine users are high risk road users. story on our methamphetamine driving simulator study.


Natural Chemical could help overcome substance abuse. A podcast with Michael Bowen on the potential uses of oxytocin.

Nature’s love drug offers hope to addicts. Sydney Morning Herald story on alcohol and oxytocin with Iain McGregor.

Meow meow has rats firing. An article in The Age on Craig Motbey’s research into the brain activation caused by mephedrone.

The hidden side of antidepressants: are they putting young lives at risk? Opinion piece by Emily Karanges and Iain McGregor on the negative aspects of antidepressants in relation to the adolescent brain and behaviour.

MDMA and other party drugs: neural and social effects in rodents. Webcast of presentation given recently by Iain McGregor at ECNP conference in Paris at the symposium entitled MDMA and the Neurobiology of Prosocial Behavior.

Meow hear this: mephedrone is a curious khat. Article in the Conversation about the new party drug mephedrone.

Using oxytocin to defeat addictions (Jan 11). story on our work using oxytocin to decrease alcohol and methamphetamine self-administration.


Happy drug trialled on rats (Dec 10). ABC TV News story on our new drug that works on oxytocin receptors to stimulate social behaviour in rats.

Ritalin is the new drug for partyhing and studying. SMH story about our research on ADHD meds.


Dieting could lead to a positive test for cannabis (Aug 09). New Scientist story featuring the work of Jonathon Arnold, Iain McGregor and Nathan Gunasekaran on cannabis “reintoxication”.

Retox a worry if you go off the grass. (Sydney Morning Herald take on the same “reintoxication” story).

Cannabis and your brain (Feb 09). University of Melbourne podcast featuring Iain McGregor and Dan Lubman.


Brain drain on Ecstasy, Canberra Times, November 24th 2008 (PDF document, for second page click here).

Cracking the code of adolescent drug use (University of Sydney News story about 5 year ARC professorial fellowship received by Iain McGregor)

Rats can sniff out new cat on the block. New Scientist (September 2008) story about our finding that rats can discriminate individual cats by the pheromones that they emit.

Cuddle chemical could be used to treat mental illness. New Scientist (May 2008). (commentary by Iain McGregor on role of oxytocin in addiction).


Iain McGregor wins NHMRC achievement award (December 2007).

New Scientist (July 2007): Adolescent rats enjoy cannabis more than their elders (a story about our recent research on the effects of THC on adolescent versus adult rats).

Stoned young rats fail memory tests (July 2007) (ABC take on the same story).

How cannabis turns young rats into dope-heads (July 2007) (Sydney Morning Herald take on the same story).

New Scientist (April 2007): Ecstasy really does unleash the love hormone (a story about our recent research on the role of Oxytocin in mediating the prosocial effects of MDMA).

Ecstasy users really do love each other (April 2007)

Love rats reveal agony of ecstasy (April 2007) (Sydney Morning Herald take on the oxytocin story).

Comments on lethality of Ecstasy tablets (Feburary 2007) (Sun-Herald)

Marijuana: the myths and misconceptions (January 2007) (ABC radio “Big Ideas” debate on the hazards of cannabis, featuring Iain McGregor, downloadable audio)

2006 and previous

Magic mushrooms hit the god spot (September 2006) (commentary on recent psilocybin study).

The Ice Age (March 2006) (ABC TV 4 corners special on methamphetamine, featuring interview with Iain McGregor, downloadable video)

A party in your head but the clean up is a real mess (September 2006). (Sydney Morning Herald story about methamphetamine).

The Health Report with Norman Swan:Interview with Iain McGregor (transcript of ABC radio interview).

Labwatch: The McGregor lab. (Sydney Morning Herald brief story about the lab).

Health Dimensions (transcript of appearance on this TV show in 2002).