Welcome to the Psychopharmacology Laboratory at the University of Sydney

The Psychopharmacology Laboratory is involved in a wide array of projects in the areas of neuroscience and clinical and experimental psychopharmacology.

A major interest is in assessing the long term effects of recreational drugs (including alcohol) and prescription drugs on behaviour and brain function. This involves research using animal models and also research in human clinical populations.

The lab is also involved in exploring the potential of cannabinoids in treating diseases such as epilepsy, cancer, dementia and pain. For more information on this and the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therpeutics please visit http://sydney.edu.au/science/lambert/

Another major interest is in the development of novel drug treatments for anxiety disorders, depression and addictive disorders.

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Professor Iain McGregor

MA (Oxon) PhD (Sydney)
Professor of Psychopharmacology, NHMRC Principal Research Fellow
Room 245
Top South Badham

Ph 02 9351 3571
Fax 02 9351 8023
Email iain.mcgregor@sydney.edu.au