News and Events


iWitnessed Launched

A new app, iWitnessed, was designed to help witnesses and victims provide a detailed account of an event in a way which helps preserve and protect their memory. For more information see:


Volunteers Wanted

We are looking for motivated, hard-working students to volunteer in our Forensic Psychology Lab. We require volunteers to commit about three to five hours per week of their time to work on a number of projects (e.g., coding data, piloting studies, acting as a confederate). This provides a good opportunity for students to gain some valuable experience and knowledge about psychological research.

Spaces are limited and selection can be quite competitive. If you are interested, please send your CV to Helen Paterson (


Philanthropic Funding

Dr Helen Paterson and Dr Celine van Golde have received a philanthropic donation of $100,000 for their research on domestic violence. Helen and Celine’s research program aims to empower victims, provide them with access to psychological services, and help them gather information that will facilitate the prosecution of offenders. Many thanks to the donor, who prefers to remain anonymous.



In January 2017 The University of Sydney hosted a successful conference for The Society for Applied Research on Memory and Cognition. For more information see:


Official Opening

On February 12, 2016 we celebrated the official opening of Not Guilty: The Sydney Exoneration Project. It was a successful event that was held in the Psychology Courtyard at the University of Sydney.