The research in the lab focuses on three broad areas: eyewitness memory, lie detection, and the psychological effects of crime.

Eyewitness Memory

Can eyewitnesses give accurate and reliable testimonies? Can people have false memories for events that never occurred? In our research we investigate factors that influence eyewitness memory, as well as ways to improve the reliability of their testimonies. We also study how well people can recognise and match faces that are unfamiliar to them.

Lying and Lie Detection

Are you good at deceiving others? How can you tell if someone is lying? Our research looks at individual differences that people have in their abilities to lie and detect lies.

Psychological Effects of Crime

How can we promote psychological resilience and decrease the onset of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? What are the effects of post-incident debriefing on psychological well-being? This research investigates how someone’s psychological response to an event can influence their memory and well-being. We are also interested in how interventions such as interviews and post-incident debriefing can affect witnesses and/or victims.