Physiology VR Lecture Masterclass (PHSI3011) – 14/8/2019

Part1 – VR tour by the Vice Chancellor and Dean of Science – 1/8/2019

Part2 – VR tour by the Vice Chancellor and Dean of Science – 1/8/2019

~150 International Science School students (in 6 groups) try ‘real’ VR (x30) 07/2019

An 8-year-old chooses ‘best heart model’ for René Favaloro ‘day’ (speed x5) 07/2019

Vet Hospital built by 3 vet students in a few hours! 05/2019

VR applications in Veterinary Science 04/2019

Chemistry 2 04/2019

Chemistry 1 04/2019

VR Procedural Distraction 04/2019

Dental X-ray 04/2019

PPE Doffing 1 04/2019

Adapted from Dass S, Barnieu J, Cummings P, Cid V. A Cognitive Task Analysis for an Emergency

Management Serious Game. Interserv Ind Train Simul Educ Conf. 2016 Nov-Dec;2016. pii: 16244.

Single Room Westmead 02/2019

Archaeology3 03/2019

Model ‘Muren Zeedijk’ from Daan Claessen – 3D Visualisation artist – Gemeente Utrecht

Archaeology2 03/2019

Model from ‘Skara Brae, Orkney. House 8’ – Dr Hugo Anderson-Whymark

Police 01/2019

Exercise 02/2019

Ai Mocap 11/2018

Ski ‘run’ 02/2019

Ski Ooops 02/2019

Tuscany 02/2019

RFDS 02/2019

Aircraft model from Steve Grice – NewsCorp SA, Royal Flying Doctor Service Central Division

APLS 01/2019

ICU 02/2019

ISS 01/2019

Happy New Year 2018-19 12/2018

Osteology 12/2018

Particle Repositioning for BPPV 12/2018

Innovation Centre 10min Build Speed x5 12/2018

Bloodstream Nano Robot 12/2018

EPICenvy 08/2018

CERN CMS 11/2018 with data adapted from Tom McCauley’s CMSVRCardboard

Bee Avatar 10/2018

AnatoVar 10/2018

Westmead Smoke 10/2018

Westmead Fire 10/2018

Westmead Heliport 10/2018

HENNIG Vertigo-Symposium, Leipzig Germany 15 September 2018

USyd Innovation Week 2018 ‘live coding’ demo:
90 minutes to build 8 worlds by 7 collaborators in 3 countries. 01 August 2018

Sydney Science Forum 06 June 2018

NSW Health Innovation Symposium 27 October 2017

SLHD Innovation Symposium 23 June 2017

We have prepared a series of “mixed reality” videos to showcase our research and development around Virtual Reality.

Laparoscopic Surgery 08/2016

Using fine surgical instruments

Assisted Living 08/2016

Interactive house design for mobility chair users

Paris Tricycle 07/2016

Tricycle ride around Paris for navigation and spatial awareness

Military Checkpoint Inspection 07/2016

Military checkpoint with an undercarriage inspection mirror for IEDs

Desert Mine Clearance 07/2016

Desert mine clearance task using a virtual metal detector

Cliff Winch 06/2016

Cable winch up cliff with vertical treadmill (vertigo, rescue and high wire access training)

Casino 06/2016

Casino with environmental sights and sounds (problem gambling)

Supermarket Aisle 06/2016

Supermarket aisle with products and shipping trolley (marketing, consumerism)

Temporal Bone Walkthrough 04/2016

Walk through reconstruction of the inner ear temporal bone (data visualisation, surgery)

Harbour Bridge Climb 04/2016

Crossing a beam between arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (vertigo, phobias)

Hospital 06/2016

Hospital ward, ICU, surgical theatre, MRI suite, pharmacy, meeting room, offices (training, architecture)

Optokinetic Perturbing Stimulus 08/2016

Optokinetic perturbing stimulus (rotating dot cloud) (posturography, rehabilitation)

Visual Perturbation 08/2016

Realistic perturbing stimulus – world moves with unpredictable 3-axis sum of sines

VOR Gain Modification: Balloon target task 08/2016

VOR gain modification – balloon target task (vestibular rehabilitation)

VOR Gain Modification: Saccade biofeedback 08/2016

VOR gain modification – saccade biofeedback during head movement (vestibular rehabilitation)

Subjective Visual Vertical: “Curator” 08/2016

Curator “straighten the painting” task (diagnosis of otolith dysfunction, spatial orientation)

Bicycle Ride 06/2016

Bicycle ride with additional cues like wind (fan) etc. (VR ‘presence’)