We have prepared a series of “mixed reality” videos to showcase our research and development around Virtual Reality.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Using fine surgical instruments

Assisted Living

Interactive house design for mobility chair users

Paris Tricycle

Tricycle ride around Paris for navigation and spatial awareness

Military Checkpoint Inspection

Military checkpoint with an undercarriage inspection mirror for IEDs

Desert Mine Clearance

Desert mine clearance task using a virtual metal detector

Cliff Winch

Cable winch up cliff with vertical treadmill (vertigo, rescue and high wire access training)


Casino with environmental sights and sounds (problem gambling)

Supermarket Aisle

Supermarket aisle with products and shipping trolley (marketing, consumerism)

Temporal Bone Walkthrough

Walk through reconstruction of the inner ear temporal bone (data visualisation, surgery)

Harbour Bridge Climb

Crossing a beam between arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (vertigo, phobias)


Hospital ward, ICU, surgical theatre, MRI suite, pharmacy, meeting room, offices (training, architecture)

Optokinetic Perturbing Stimulus

Optokinetic perturbing stimulus (rotating dot cloud) (posturography, rehabilitation)

Visual Perturbation

Realistic perturbing stimulus – world moves with unpredictable 3-axis sum of sines

VOR Gain Modification: Balloon target task

VOR gain modification – balloon target task (vestibular rehabilitation)

VOR Gain Modification: Saccade biofeedback

VOR gain modification – saccade biofeedback during head movement (vestibular rehabilitation)

Subjective Visual Vertical: “Curator”

Curator “straighten the painting” task (diagnosis of otolith dysfunction, spatial orientation)

Bicycle Ride

Bicycle ride with additional cues like wind (fan) etc. (VR ‘presence’)