Latest News & Events

13/11/2018: Visit by the President and delegation from the prestigious Fudan University (Shanghai, China).


13/11/2018: Visit by Professor Jan Wiener and colleagues after his talk on orientation and spatial navigation


24/10/2018: University of Sydney – Dalyell Showcase, Footbridge Theater


24/10/2018: PSYC3914 and Cyberpsychology (36 students in 4 groups)


17/10/2018: PSYC3013 Perceptual Systems, Virtual Reality Class


11/10/2018: Visit of Professor Jacqui Ramagge (HOS Mathematics and Statistics), Damien Field (HOS Life and Environmental Science), Philip Mcmanus (HOS Geosciences), and Frans Verstraten (HOS Psychology)


14/09/2018: International Keynote Lecture: Virtual Reality for Vestibular Education, Testing, and Rehabilitation. HENNIG Vertigo-Symposium 2018 Leipzig Germany


14/09/2018: vKIT MasterClass. HENNIG Vertigo-Symposium 2018 Leipzig Germany


20/09/2018: Careers in STEM Day – Workshop for 60 high school students (3 groups of 20)


31/08/2018: Frontiers 2018 Conference – Cairns Pullman International, Andrew Watson Photography


25/08/2018: Open Day 2018 – since most people have now seen simple 3DOF VR (Google Cardboard, Gear VR, Oculus Go…) the Psychology VR OpenLab showed 6DOF Room-Scale VR with multiple user interaction and full body avatars


17/08/2018: Founders’ Circle ceremony and dinner at The University of Sydney


17/08/2018: Professor Coman from The Garnett Passe and Rodney Williams Memorial Foundation to visit the VR OpenLab


01/08/2018: VR presentation at the Research Partnership workshop during the Innovation week at the Sydney Business School


17/07/2018: Three new VR content developers to the VR OpenLab


12/07/2018: Indigenous STEMM workshop to visit the VR OpenLab


20/06/2018: A/Prof Payal Mukherjee and Dr Elodie Chiarovano presented at the Clinical Education Centre – Sydney Adventist Hospital for Inspiring Careers in STEMM and Healthcare


11/06/2018: Lecture on How to perform the video head impulse test and interpret the results


11/06/2018: A/Prof Hamish MacDougall received the Hallpike-Nylen medal by the Barany Society


06/06/2018: Sydney Science Faculty Forum


01/06/2018: School of Psychology, Colloquium


12/04/2018: Visit of Meegan Fitzharris, Minister for Health and Wellbeing (ACT), at the Institute of Academic Surgery (IAS), RPA


06/04/2018: Visit of Professor Chris Dennis, Associate Dean of the Medical School, North Shore

23/03/2018: Westmead Teaching Class: “Altering the mind with Virtual Reality”


 23/01/2018: Partner Engagement and Outreach, Faculty of Science Team Visit


 09-10/11/2017: Two days Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM) course  from the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI)


03-04/11/2017: NEURO-OTOLOGY SOCIETY of AUSTRALIA (NOTSA) conference at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA)

After our two presentations:

Dr Chiarovano and Dr MacDougall. Scientist in the clinic.
Dr MacDougall. User Discovery for Medical Device Translation.

All attendees (~180) came to visit the OpenLab during lunch time…


02/11/2017: Vice-Chancellor’s Recognition Reception (VCRR) at The Great Hall, The University of Sydney


01/11/2017: University of Sydney Multimedia Producer from Brand and Marketing Services | Marketing and Communications for the University front page website


01/11/2017: University of Sydney Senate’s visit at Westmead Education and Conference Centre (WECC) – WSLHD


27/10/2017: NSW Health Innovation Symposium at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park

Augmented Reality to Virtual Reality: From patient care to surgical simulation. By Dr Payal Mukherjee, Professor Jonathan Clark, Kai Cheng, Dr Hamish MacDougall, Dr Elodie Chiarovano, Professor Gordon Wallace


25/10/2017: OpenLab Tour and Demos for 22 students (Advanced PSYC 3014)

24/10/2017: Inaugural Barriers to Surgical Innovation meeting at Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) NSW as part of Surgeons’ Month 2017

Discussion with the Minister for Health (New South Wales) – Mr Brad Hazzard

18/10/2017: Presentation of A10D project at the Nurse Unit Management (NUM) meeting at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

10/10/2017: Visit to MOD productions office (Haymarket, Sydney)

09/10/2017: Visit of the Westmead Redevelopment Team

06/10/2017: Make-A-Wish Foundation

Jack is an Astronaut for a day in collaboration with Opaque Media and their program Earthlight.

05/10/2017: Visit of a French delegation from the University of Bordeaux

26/09/2017: Visit of the Infectious Disease Education Training and Research Group from Westmead Hospital

23/09/2017: DISRUPT.SYDNEY™ conference at the Business School (Usyd)


15/09/2017: Sydney Concepts at the Huddle – Westmead Hospital


12/09/2017: AR/VR group’s meeting at the OpenLab


12/09/2017: Media and Communication (Usyd) students making a movie of the lab


22/08/2017: Visit of the Depute Vice Chancellor and Depute Vice Chancellor Research


23/06/2017: Sydney Local Health District – Innovation Symposium