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The Coaching Relationship and Coaching Outcomes: Implications for Counselling?

Presented by Dr Anthony Grant
Seminar: Journal Club Aug 2014

Dr Anthony M Grant is a Coaching Psychologist and Director of the Coaching Psychology Unit at the University of Sydney. In this presentation, Dr Grant outlines the differences between coaching and counselling, and introduces some core coaching frameworks. He goes on to outline some evidence demonstrating the efficacy of coaching interventions, and discusses research concerning the psycho-mechanics of coaching and the coach-coachee relationship.

“The Yarn” - Cultural Considerations in Counselling Aboriginal Australians

Presented by Paul Bates
Seminar: Problem Gambling Interventions for Indigenous Communities Oct 2014

Paul Bates discusses how helping professionals can adapt their practices to suit the needs of the aboriginal community, drawing on his rich personal experience as a counsellor. Paul Bates graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science and Counselling from Charles Sturt University, and has subsequently worked in the Government and NGO sectors as a counsellor amongst Indigenous communities. His is passionate about “Closing the Gap” and working with aboriginal youth.

Towards Narrative Therapy Approaches to Addressing Problem Gambling with the Aboriginal Community

Presented by Trish Nowland
Seminar: Problem Gambling Interventions for Indigenous Communities Oct 2014

Trish's presentation sets out a systematised description of Narrative Therapy approaches relevant to Aboriginal problem gambling counselling. These approaches integrate an appreciation of the interpersonal and cultural context of problem gambling with the essential nature of human relationships for the Aboriginal population, and an understanding of the historical development of Narrative Therapy techniques within the Aboriginal community. It also addresses the connections for each of these factors to generalised pathways models for problem gambling behaviours, with a specific focus on cultural factors. Examples are provided to facilitate insight into the essential nature of the relationship between therapist and client in formulation of personal identity, and the intrinsic qualities of wider relations which formulate both the context of problem gambling behaviours, and remittance, for each individual.

Gambling Problems and Related Risk Factors amongst Aboriginal Australians

Presented by Professor Nerilee Hing
Seminar: Problem Gambling Interventions for Indigenous Communities Oct 2014

Professor Nerilee Hing presented a talk on the risk factors associated with problem gambling in the Aboriginal community. Professor Hing is the Founding Director of Southern Cross University’s Centre for Gambling Education and Research. Her research focuses on corporate social responsibility in gambling, gambling amongst vulnerable populations, gambling and new technologies, and problem gambling.

The Gambling Behaviour of Indigenous Australians

Presented by Alex Russell
Seminar: Problem Gambling Interventions for Indigenous Communities Oct 2014

Alex Russell PhD is an early career researcher at the Centre for Gambling Education and Research at Southern Cross University. He presented detailed research findings on gambling demographics, behaviours and problems in the indigenous community.

The Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly

Presented by Sue Bertossa
Seminar: Problem Gambling Interventions for Indigenous Communities Oct 2014

Sue Bertossa is an Aboriginal and CALD Gambling Therapist with the Statewide Gambling Therapy Service, Flinders University. She presented a case study about developing problem gambling services in a remote Aboriginal community.

Adapting CBT for Aboriginal Problem Gamblers

Presented by Sue Bertossa
Seminar: Problem Gambling Interventions for Indigenous Communities Oct 2014

Sue Bertossa shares her experiences in adapting traditional CBT to the cultural needs of Aboriginal clients in South Australia.

The Criminal Justice System: Sentencing Problem Gamblers

Presented by Jodie Rollason
Gambling Journal Club April 2014

For our April 2014 Journal Club, Jodie Rollason, a solicitor at Wesley Community Legal Service discussed how sentencing is determined in cases involving problem gambling and how these may be impacted by mental health applications.

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy for Complex Client Presentations

Presented by Ilana Karpin
Gambling Journal Club June 2014

Ilana Karpin is a Clinical Psychologist with 14 years of experience in Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT). She provides training and consultation to private and public organisations, facilitates a DBT-based skills group and uses DBT in her private practice.

Ilana presented on the core components of DBT and how they can be applied to help clients with complex presentations.

Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Problem Gambling

Presented by Louise Shepherd
Gambling Journal Club April 2013

In this Gambling Journal Club presentation, Louise Shepherd explained the core principles and components of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). She also discussed how ACT techniques can be used to help people with gambling problems.

Bet You Didn't Know That

Presented by Ben Paterson
Gambling Journal Club February 2014

The Gambling Treatment Clinic hosted a presentation by Ben Paterson in February on the history, mechanics and regulation of slot machines. Ben has over 10 years of experience in the slot machine industry with two industry leaders. His various roles includes Product Management, Development, and Marketing and Sales. He shared his wealth of knowledge about slot machines, systems products and harm minimization, in a light hearted look at what makes a slot machine tick.