Our treatment program typically begins with an assessment session where we learn the impact gambling has had on your life and work with you to develop your treatment goals. These goals are often different for different people. They may include stopping gambling, returning to gambling at sustainable levels or getting advice on how to support a family member.

Our treatment focuses on identifying and changing unhelpful beliefs about gambling in order to reduce interest in it. The vast majority of our clients find reduced interest leads to a significant drop in gambling or total cessation.

Our counsellors can also address other problems caused by excessive gambling such as anxiety, depression and relationship issues. We can also refer you to other services such as Financial Counselling which will compliment your gambling treatment. Finally we can liaise with other treating professionals if necessary to deliver coordinated care.

Treatment is delivered face-to-face. Sessions typically go for one hour each week. Problem gambling treatment usually lasts 7-8 sessions and family member counselling usually lasts 2-3 sessions. The actual length varies by person and will be determined in consultation with you.

After treatment completion ongoing support is available through refresher and review sessions. We also evaluate the effectiveness of our treatment for up to two years after completion. Your participation in the follow-up program is voluntary.

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