If someone in your immediate family is struggling with problem gambling, chances are you are struggling with the effects too. There are often many questions asked by family members in this situation, such as:

  • How do I know if their gambling is a problem?
  • How do I help someone who gambles too much?
  • Should I deny them access to money?
  • They can see how bad this is for them, why can’t they stop?
  • Can I ever trust them again?
  • What about me?

Our counsellors can help you find answers to these questions. We offer free and confidential support and guidance for all people affected by problem gambling. Contact us today for more information or to make an appointment.

Additional Resources

A range of self-help resources is available for family members.

  • Joesph W. C. (2001) Counselling Problem Gamblers: A Self-Regulation Manual for Individual and Famlily Therapy. Academic Press.
  • Federman, E. J. and Drebing, C. (2000) Don’t Leave it to Chance: A Guide for Families of Problem Gamblers. New Harbinger Publications.