Gambling Information

There is a lot of information about gambling on the internet, and it is often difficult to tell how reliable information from different sources is. Research tells us that roughly Australians spend more than 19 billion dollars on gambling each year, with a majority of that money spent on poker machines in clubs and hotels. Often gambling is promoted as a form of recreational entertainment and provides funding for gaming venues and the government.

However, for some people it can affect their physical and mental health, finances, employment, relationships and can even led to problems with the law.

More information about the facts and figures of can be found on our resources page, and at the following websites:

The Responsible Gaming Fund

The Productivity Commission Report – A Snapshot of the Gambling Industry (June 2009)

Gambling Help NSW

Know Your Odds (Tasmanian Government)

Inside the Pokies, a Players Guide (Victorian Government)

The following statistics were published in the Productivity Commission Report June 2009 (Chapter 2.5: A snapshot of the gambling industry) and can be accessed at:

Expenditure on Major Forms of Gambling 2008-2009
$19 Billion Official Gambling Expenditure
$10.5 Billion EGMs in Clubs and Hotels 55%
$ 3.5 Billion Casino Gaming 18%
$ 2.3 Billion Lotteries, Pools, Keno 12%
$ 2.8 Billion Wagering (Racing and Sport) 15%
Unofficial Gambling Expenditure 2008-2009
Est. $ 541 Million Casinos Online
Est. $ 249 Million Poker Online
Est. Unknown Poker Tournaments in Hotels, Clubs

Gambling Impact

Excessive gambling can have a negative impact in many areas

  • Personal: Stress, Depression, Suicide, Anxiety, Poor Health
  • Interpersonal: Family, Relationships
  • Work: Job Loss, Absenteeism, Poor Performance
  • Financial: Debts, Asset Losses, Bankruptcy, Loan Sharks
  • Legal: Theft, Imprisonment, Violence
NSW 2006 (CPGI - Canadian Problem Gambling Index) Low Risk Moderate Risk Problem Gambling Share of affected people
who are CPGI 0-7
Broad Indications of Problems 2.9% 36.2% 83.1% 46.8%
Harmsto Jobs and Health 6.4% 25.5% 81.0% 42.7%
Financial Harms 0.0% 9.3% 57.0% 23.3%
Psycho-Social Harms 0.0% 8.6% 66.3% 19.4%

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Gambling Machines

Below is some published information about EGMs (Electronic Gaming Machines) within Australia.

gaming machine

Link: Gambling Help NSW published a video titled Gaming Machines: Facts and Myths, which you can access online at:

The Tasmanian Government gives some information about the House Edge under:

gaming machine

Different player information brochures can be downloaded from the RGF website at:

A Victorian Government initiative published a gambling brochure: Inside the pokies – player guide: