The Gambling Research Unit
School of Psychology

University of Sydney

The aim of the Gambling Research Unit
To conduct and promote high quality research into gambling behaviour. The focus of the unit is on understanding why people gamble excessively and on determining how best to help people cut back and stop.


Career and Post-Graduate Opportunities
Australia has a high number of problem gamblers. Opportunities exist to build on the current research of the Gambling Research Unit towards higher degrees. Post-graduates with an interest in social and/or problem gambling are encouraged to liaise with the Director regarding a suitable program of research.


Director: Dr Michael Walker
Co-Directors: Professor Alex Blascszynski
Dr Louise Sharpe


Recent Publications
The Assessment of the Impact of the Reconfiguration on Electronic Gaming Machines as Harm Minimisation Strategies for Problem Gambling. |pdf version|


Current projects at the Gambling Research Unit



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