Higher Degree Research - Funding

Postgraduate Research Support Scheme (PRSS)

  1. The PRSS provides University funding for travel to, attendance at, and participation in conferences around the world. Funding under PRSS can also support your fieldwork or research overseas.
  2. The HDR center will contact you directly about the PRSS with information on how and when to submit an application.

School of Psychology Research Support Schemes

In addition to the PRSS, the School of Psychology has other research support schemes to assist with funding of HDR student research. Calls for these schemes are typically around the same time as the PRSS.

Postgraduate Research Grants (PRG)

  1. PRG is a School-based scheme providing support for maintenance costs of postgraduate research projects. The PRG scheme is intended to enhance postgraduate research productivity, particularly in areas involving unusual expenses.
  2. What sorts of expenses are supported?
    1. Psychometric tests, rats and mice, costs of fMRI scanning, a contribution to transcription expenses where recorded interviews must be transcribed
    2. Participant payments when 1st year undergraduates cannot be used, minor items of equipment necessary to conduct research, etc.
    3. Ordinarily not for: Large items of equipment (other schemes are available; discuss with supervisor); Research assistance or technical support; Travel (except when absolutely necessary for data collection).

School Travel Allowance (STA)

  1. STA is a School-based scheme supporting conference travel, accommodation and/or conference registration fees for postgraduate students who are attending conferences to present a paper or poster.