Booking of Old Teachers' College for Honours testing

This booking facility is used to book space in the School’s tutorial rooms in the Old Teachers College only. If you require other laboratory space, you need to approach your supervisor who may be able to arrange appropriate laboratory facilities. The use of all School research laboratory space is supervised by the Associate Head (Resources) in the School.

Requests for research laboratory space must be directed to the Associate Head (Resources) and should include the commencing and anticipated final dates of the testing period.

Please note:

  • Honours students are restricted to 40 hours of bookings of the Old Teachers' Collage tutorial rooms for experiments per semester due to limited availability of venues.
  • Tutorial bookings take priority over Honours student testing in these spaces.
  • As an Honours student training to be a practitioner, you must assume a relevant level of responsibility for your and your colleagues' time. If the School of Psychology finds out that you have not used your bookings and did not cancel them, you will no longer be able to book online and will have to make an appointment to see the Education Support staff in person with a reason why that occurred and to request an approval to re-instate your online booking privileges.

How to book

  • Step 1: Log into the system with your UniKey and use your SID as the password Psychology Room Booking System
  • Step 2: Go to Schedule and select Bookings
  • Step 3: on top of the page you will see an icon of a calendar with the title 'psych', click on it and change it to 'Old Teachers College'
  • Step 4: Select a room depending on the type of computer you will require for your testing, hover your curser over the room number to view the computer details
  • Step 5: Look for a blank WHITE space in the week and day/time that you would prefer. The room is BOOKED if it has someone’s name listed , or if it has red lines through it which means there is a tutorial/meeting or the university is closed for a public holiday and you will not be able to make a booking in that time slot.
  • Step 6: Click into the available slot and fill in your details.
  • Step 7: Make a note of your booking in your own calendar, phone, notebook. If you decide you no longer need it, you must cancel the booking as soon as possible to allow your fellow Honours students the opportunity to book the space if they need it.