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Enjoying Your Studies

Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology are relatively new academic pursuits. There are very few places in the world where these can be studied at university at the postgraduate level; so we invite you take the time and the space to actually enjoy your studies at the University of Sydney, despite the pressures and demands of post-graduate study! Enjoy!

Important Pre-Semester Information

Completing a post-graduate degree can be a daunting experience. There is much to learn about writing essays and reports, and becoming familiar with research methods and even finding books and journal articles. The University of Sydney provides a wide range of services to help you develop those skills. We suggest that you start using such services as soon as possible. Do so before the semester starts.This course is taught face to face and not by distance, and so attendance at all lectures is vital. Students need to have at least 85% lecture attendance. You should notify your lecturer in advance if you are going to be late or miss a lecture. It is particularly important to be present at the first few lectures. Missing lectures means that you may well have a significantly impoverished course experience in terms of making connections with other students, faculty and of course the taught material.

Refresher Courses in Academic Writing

If it has been some time since you were at university, you should take a refresher course in academic essay writing. University essays and reports are very different from business reports and descriptive or creative writing. Visit the University Learning Centre or The WriteSite. Do so before the semester starts. Courses that we recommend include: "Academic Reading and Writing"; "Studying at University" and "Masters Coursework Program".

Assignment extension

To get an extension for your assignment, you will need to apply for special consideration or special arrangements. Information about the process and how to apply is available on the current students website

Library and IT Training

There are many free online training courses offered by the library. You will need to get training in database use, research for essay and report writing. We suggest you also take a course in EndNote which is a reference manager program that will save you a considerable amount of time. Do so before the semester starts. You should also take a guided library tour to help you find your way around the library. All relevant library resources and training can be found on the Library Psychology subject guide

Lecture Times and Locations

Lecture times and locations can be found here. Please ensure that you are on time for the lectures. Allow plenty of time to find your lecture room.

Attendance at Class and Exams

This course is taught face to face. University policy states that students MUST attend 85% of lectures (i.e. a maximum of two lectures missed for each unit of study). Work duties, holidays, family duties etc do not constitute a reason to be absent from class. Student that miss more than two lectures will be required to complete a 1,000 word essay for each lecture missed beyond the first two lectures missed. This essay will be set by the lecturer and will cover the contents of the lecture that was missed. PSYC 4724 Coaching Practice is an exception. Students in PSYC 4724 MUST attend at least 85% of lectures in order to pass. This is because the learning experience in PSYC 4724 is group-based, and missing lectures will have a direct negative impact on the learning of fellow students. Students must ensure that they attend the exams at the set times. Work duties, holidays, family duties etc do not constitute a reason to request an alternative exam date/time.

Textbooks, Reading Packs, Handouts and Overheads

Generally the units of study do not have set text books. Instead textbooks for any units of study, instead each unit of study has a reading pack. Reading packs are available from the Publish Partner and can be ordered online.

Overheads and handouts for each unit of study can be downloaded from Sydney eLearning through your MyUni account. Please check with the Copy Centre to find out when the reading packs are available. They will be available before semester starts.

Please ensure that you download the overheads before each class.

For new students, before the semester starts you should read Peltier, B. (2001). The psychology of executive coaching: Theory and application. New York: Brunner-Routledge. This will give you a very useful foundation for your studies in coaching. You can buy this from major bookstores and/or the University Co-op Bookstore

Useful Journals and Course Pre-reading

You will find these journals useful in your studies. They are accessible either on-line or through the library.
The Coaching Psychologist
International Coaching Psychology Review
The International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching & Mentoring
Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice
The Journal of Positive Psychology


Parking on campus at the University of Sydney is an experience best avoided! There is off-campus parking in the side streets around the campus, or in the Sheppard Street car park at the Seymour Centre on the corner of City Road and Cleveland Street. Visit for details.

Information About Written Assignments and Marking Policy

Marking criteria used in the Coaching Psychology Unit - download (pdf)

Assignment cover sheet - all students must now attach this form to their written assignments

Information on using APA writing style in psychology - and