Accreditation of Psychology Majors

Students enrolled in psychology should note the details for:

Accreditation of Psychology Majors

Your major in Psychology may not be accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC). This is because APAC accredits both the Psychology major AND the degree title.

If you are NOT enrolled in one of the following degrees/programs, your major in Psychology is NOT accredited.

  • BPsych
  • BSc
  • BSc(Adv)
  • BA
  • BHlthSci
  • BCom(LibStud)
  • BLAS
  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology (GDP)
  • BMedSci
  • BA(Psych)*
  • BAS*
  • BLibStud*
  • BEc (SocSci)*
  • BST*

* Accredited but do not appear on the APAC website as they are being ‘taught out’ (no new enrolments).

If you are enrolled in a combined/double degree, one of which is listed above, your major in Psychology is accredited.

University of Sydney students who have completed a Psychology major in a degree that is NOT accredited are likely to face problems when applying for fourth year programs and then registration as a professional psychologist.

To avoid problems, we recommend that you switch to a degree that is accredited. Contact your Faculty office for assistance.

If it is too late to switch degrees, then contact APAC and the Psychology Board of Australia:

Requirements for a Psychology Major

To meet the requirements for the major in psychology, you must complete 12 credit points of Junior Psychology units of study, 24 credit points of Intermediate Psychology units of study and at least 24 (30 for BPsych) credit points of Senior Psychology* units of study. The Senior Psychology units of study must include PSYC3018# (Abnormal Psychology). Students who want to be eligible for entry to the Honours program must also include PSYC3010 (Advanced Statistics for Psychology).

* Note: HPSC3023 (Psychology & Psychiatry: History & Phil) is available to senior psychology students and will count towards a major in psychology. Units formally approved by The School of Psychology as equivalent (e.g., Psychology Exchange or TSP equivalents) can also be counted towards a psychology major.

#Note: The PSYC3018 requirement is only applicable to students who commenced their degree in 2010 or later. This does not apply to students who have successfully completed PSYC2010 from 2017 onwards.

From 2012 the requirements for a psychology major will be altered by deletion of the requirement that the Senior Psychology units of study include one of PSYC3011, 3012, 3013 & 3014.

Students can work out whether they have met the requirements for a psychology major by using this self-assessment tool (opens as a PDF document).