Executive Committee

USCMA Executive Committee 2017




Mary Ann Das Neves


Mary Ann joined the executive committee as a general committee member assisting with functions and events in 2014, and she and completed the Masters in Coaching Psychology the same year. Mary Ann's particular interests are in positive education and in coaching school leaders to develop positive and effective leadership practices.

Susan Mullard


Susan has served on the Executive Committee since 2014. Susan completed the Masters of Coaching Psychology in 2013, and her professional focus is working with individuals and teams to develop evidence based strategies to increase wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. 

Craig Pike


Craig Pike joined the Executive Committee in 2015 as Treasurer.  He graduated with a Master of Human Resource Management and Coaching in 2005.  Craig's coaching activities are in leadership development, with a strong focus on wellbeing and promoting a sustainable corporate environment.

Sue Stewart

Events Coordination

Sue joined the Executive Committee 2015 as the Events Co-ordinator, having completed the Master of Human Resource Management and Coaching in 2005. Sue specialises in Student Career Coaching (Years 11 & 12 students) with life effectiveness & study skills to achieve greater results in the HSC.

Katrina Darnbrough

Student Representative


Maggie Lawlor

Membership & Event Communication Coordinator

Maggie completed the Masters of Coaching Psychology in 2013 and joined the executive committee in 2015 as research officer.  Maggie’s has a particular interest in a systems approach and in collective leadership - helping individuals utilise their own strengths in conjunction with their team’s strengths to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Kylie Burke

Supervision Coordinator

Kylie and joined the Executive Committee in 2014 and completed the Masters Of Coaching Psychology in 2015. Kylie has a particular interest in developing the practice of coaching through peer professional development.

Aggie Lim

Professional Learning Coordinator


Arthur Gurjian

General Member

Arthur joined the Executive Committee in 2016 as a General Member after completing the Masters of Coaching Psychology in 2015. Arthur is an Executive Coach and Business Consultant focusing on leadership, strategic sales performance and strengths based coaching for individuals and teams.

David Rickabaugh

General Member

David joined the Executive Committee in 2014 as Student Representative, and he currently serves as a general overseas member from Seattle USA, focusing on technology and social media.  David is most interested in executive and workplace coaching, with a focus on developing leaders and their capability for innovation.  David completed the Masters of Coaching Psychology in 2015.

Tim Hicks

General Member

Tim graduated with a Master in Science (Coaching Psychology) in 2012. He is the founder and head coach of an evidenced based coaching practice that supports the leadership development and performance of C-suite, executives, senior and middle managers employed by organisations in the public and private sector. He’s an active member of the committee with a focus upon research projects and professional development speakers.

Clayton Spence

General Member

Clayton joined the Executive Committee in 2017, having completed the Masters in Coaching Psychology in 2013.  Clayton is particularly interested in developmental and leadership coaching, and the intersection of individual development and organisational cultural change.

Committee members have overall responsibility and duty of care for each area and recruit assistance and resources from other members as needed.

All members are welcome to contact the Committee with offers of help or with inspirational suggestions.