Test Library Procedure

General Procedures:

  1. The Library will observe ethical guidelines for registered psychologists in their professional practice as published by the APS (see http://www.psychology.org.au/about/ethics/). Users of the Library are also expected to uphold ethical guidelines and copyright laws.
  2. Borrowing and viewing of materials in the Test Library is restricted to staff and currently enrolled students from the School of Psychology.
  3. Materials borrowed from the Library are the responsibility of the borrower. Materials must be returned in their entirety within the specified period or borrowing privileges may be revoked. Borrowers must check the materials are complete and undamaged before the item is borrowed. There are kit check cards available to assist you with this. The librarian will check the materials are complete and undamaged on return. In the event of loss or damage, the borrower shall be responsible for replacement of the lost or damaged materials.
  4. Student results will not be sent to the University for processing at the end of each semester if there are outstanding Test Library issues. As with other libraries, graduation will be delayed until these matters are resolved.
  5. Multiple copies of the same item may not be borrowed by students.
  6. It is only possible to borrow books where there is more than one copy in the library.
  7. A borrowing limit is enforced on books (Max. 3) and DVDs (Max. 1).
  8. It is the borrower’s responsibility to notify the librarian in the event that they will be taking the item/s off-campus. In this instance the borrower must complete an off-campus loan form at the time of borrowing, and they must notify the librarian on return of the item that this form has been completed.
  9. Borrowers are not permitted to transfer test materials to another person (unless this has been approved by the Test Librarian) and they MUST ensure that tests are never left unattended - especially around lecture rooms and the Psychology Clinic.
  10. Users of the Library are expected to determine their own test needs. The Test Librarian may be able to assist, depending upon time, availability and knowledge level. Users can refer to the Mental Measurements Yearbook and Test Critiques (as both are in the Fisher Reference) for test information.
  11. It may be possible to purchase materials that are not held in the Test Library, particularly if several people are in need. Such requests should be presented to the Test Library Manager (not the librarian) by an academic staff member from the School of Psychology. Individual requests by students will not be considered.
  12. The Test Library is intended to support the short term use of materials. Users who require long term access to specific tests should consider the purchase of these materials. The Test Librarian will provide assistance in identifying test publishers and distributors to interested users.

Procedures for the Clinical Collection:

  1. The Clinical Collection is comprised of equipment mostly funded from the Clinic income that is frequently used in The Psychology Clinic for teaching, coursework studies and client assessment. Tests in the Clinical Collection can NOT be borrowed for research.
  2. The loan period for the Clinical Collection is up to three (3) days. The materials may be renewed dependent upon demand and ONLY when the items are brought physically to the test library. Items that are not physically sighted by the librarian will not be renewed.
  3. Borrowing from the Clinical Collection is limited to academics from the School of Psychology, clinical supervisors and currently enrolled DCP students. Currently enrolled PhD, Honours and Undergraduate Psychology students are permitted to view, but not borrow, equipment from the Clinical Collection.
  4. Consumable test materials (e.g. response forms and questionnaires) will ONLY be provided for clinic and classroom use. Response forms can also be PURCHASED for external placements. They may NOT be used for research. Please do not waste these forms – they are very expensive.

Procedures for the Research Collection:

  1. The Research Collection is comprised of equipment funded by the School of Psychology and from the Clinic income and has been set aside for the purpose of research.
  2. The loan period for the Research Collection is up to two (2) weeks, renewable in person and dependent upon other requests for the materials. Items that are not physically sighted will not be renewed.
  3. Borrowing from the Research Collection is limited to academics from the School of Psychology, and all currently enrolled Psychology Research and Honours students. Currently enrolled undergraduate Psychology students are only permitted to view equipment in the Research Collection.
  4. Consumable test materials (e.g. response forms) WILL NOT be supplied for research. Any forms that might be included with kits borrowed from the Research Collection MUST be returned to the Test Library unused - they are provided as examples only.
  5. The Test Librarian can help with information pertaining to the ordering and costing of tests and forms. This will involve showing the student the catalogues and contact details of suppliers. The Test Librarian can also give a blank purchase order which the student must complete. The student will need to register independently with the supplier. The Test Library is never the delivery address. The student not the Test Library will place the order via the Financial Assistant in the School of Psychology. Information about account codes and recovery of funds need to take place with the student's Supervisor and the Finance Manager.