Staff Responsibilities

CPU Staff Responsibilities
Caroline Hunt Head, Clinical Psychology Unit)
Maree Abbott Director of Clinical Training
Sunny Lah Director of Clinical Research
Paul Rhodes Psychology Postgraduate Admissions
Stephen Touyz Placements Coordinator
David Hawes Clinical Academic
David Horry Test Library Manager, Psychometric Coordinator
Chantal Braganza Acting Therapy Coordinator
  Clinic Director
Belinda Ingram Admin Officer, Student result processing, MCP admissions administration CPU meeting administration, maintenance of clinical and course forms, Student Advisor, Faculty of Science liaison, clinical website maintenance, HDR administration
Cindy Li Admin Assistant, Academic administration, collection and distribution of student assignments, key and card requests, stationery orders, maintenance of photocopier, allocation photocopy codes, allocation of lockers, pigeon holes, external clinical placement administration
Helen Murray Clinic Receptionist, Psychology Clinic Reception, patient payments, patient allocations, patient discharges, additions to OQ