Fees, Scholarships and Financial Assistance

What fees am I required to pay?
For local students, the up-front fees for the MCP are payable per credit point. The PhD research component of the double degree MCP&PhD will be RTS-based therefore will incur no cost. Fees may change on an annual basis, subject to University discretion. For local students, Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) may be available subject to University discretion. The number of CSP places available each year is determined by the Faculty of Science in consultation with the School of Psychology. The CSP places are awarded to the mostly highly ranked applicants as determined through the application evaluation and interview process. You may contact the Faculty of Science for further information on CSP places.
International students pay annual fees for each enrolled year.

What scholarships are available to students applying for the MCP?
The Clinical Psychology Unit Scholarships web page lists scholarships available for domestic and international students applying for the MCP. MCP students are only able to apply for postgraduate coursework scholarships. MCP&PhD students are eligible to apply for postgraduate research scholarships however these scholarships will only apply while enrolled in the PhD research component from second year.
It is important to note for international students that any offer of a place in the MCP or MCP&PhD cannot be made until early December each year, which may affect which international scholarships you may apply for. Whilst it is possible to submit an application package earlier than the deadline, it is not possible to be given an offer until all applications have been assessed, interviews completed and a ranking of offering of places has been determined, that is in December.

Are there any other grants or financial assistance available to candidates?
The Tanya Sackville Scholarship is a postgraduate coursework scholarship available to all new and local currently enrolled MCP and MCP&PhD students. Students who are eligible and wish to apply for APA or UPA scholarships for the PhD component of the double degree should apply for this at the time they apply for the MCP&PhD program. If successful, payment will only start from second year when they are enrolled full time in the PhD as first year involves only the MCP coursework.
Subject to University discretion, each year there are a limited number of HECS-based Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) available. CSP places will be offered to the top-ranking applicants as rated by the Clinical Psychology Unit.
Applicants are eligible to apply for HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP for the coursework component (MCP). FEE-HELP enables local postgraduate coursework students to secure a loan form the Commonwealth Government for all or part of their tuition fees.

Can I apply for an APA scholarship?
MCP students are not eligible to apply for research scholarships as the research component is considered part of the coursework for the MCP program. However, MCP & PhD double degree applicants are eligible to apply for an APA Scholarship at the end of first year for enrolment in the PhD in second year. Students are not eligible to apply for an APA scholarships at the initial point of MCP & PhD application.

What scholarships are available for International students?
Check the scholarships available for international students.

As an international student applying for the MCP&PhD, can I receive a confirmation of a place in order to apply for a research scholarship?
No, this is not possible. Offers of a place in the MCP or MCP&PhD will not be made until at least the second week of December. Applications are not assessed until after the closing date, when all domestic and international applications have been received. Once the application evaluation is completed, during the first three weeks of November, successful applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview for the last Friday in November or first Wednesday in December. Following the completion of interviews, a meeting is scheduled to rank all applicants and determine the offering of places.
Whilst it is possible to submit an application package earlier than the deadline, it is not possible to be given an offer until all applications have been assessed, interviews completed and a ranking of offering of places has been determined. It is not possible for the Faculty to determine who the highest ranked candidates are until all applications are received and ranked. As admission into the MCP and MCP&PhD is highly competitive and admission decisions are based on a ranking of all applications received by the published deadline, it is necessary to adhere to the application assessment timetable, in order to have a fair admissions process so as not to disadvantage any applicants.

As an international student if I submit my application early, can I be given an earlier indication as to whether my application would be successful?
No. Applications from international students are considered within the same time frame as those from Australian applicants. While recognising that this may potentially cause problems for international applicants given the time required for visa processes, scholarship applications, relocation, etc, because entry to the degree is highly competitive it would disadvantage local applicants if places were allocated early and independently of the applicant’s ranking within the complete set of applications. As an indication of interest for the program, around 300 applications are received each year for the 18-20 places that we have available. Approximately 50 of those applicants are selected for interview on the basis of the specified selection criteria. A critical issue for international applicants is to ensure that their qualifications have been assessed for equivalence to an Australian 4-year Honours degree in psychology prior to applying for the MCP or MCP&PhD. This is an essential prerequisite for entry to any professional psychology postgraduate program. Please find further information available regarding admission and selection under Applying.

Will I be able to work during the MCP or MCP&PhD program to support myself?
The MCP and MCP&PhD are intensive full time programs comprised of academic coursework, supervised clinical internships and a research project and thesis. The time commitments for each of the coursework, placement and research components of the degree are outlined in the course information section. Students are not encouraged to work, however, it recognised that students need to support themselves financially. Some students manage to work casually one day a week, for example, finding employment as a tutor or research assistant in the School of Psychology. Living costs for local students and international students are outlined on the University of Sydney website.

How do I find out further information on fees and CSP places?
Contact the Fees Office 8627 8239 or hecs.office@sydney.edu.au
HECS and Domestic fees

What coursework scholarships are available for the MCP or MCP&PhD?
Students commencing the MCP&PhD program all initially undertake MCP coursework in the first year of their degree and are eligible to apply for coursework scholarships. All local domestic MCP and MCP&PhD students are eligible to apply for The Tanya Sackville Scholarship which is a $7000 scholarship for MCP or MCP&PhD students and is based on academic and financial need. You can only apply for this scholarship when offered a place in the MCP or MCP&PhD program. NAHSSS Clinical Psychology and APS Scholarships also offer coursework scholarships. All information regarding fees and scholarships is available on our website http://sydney.edu.au/science/psychology/clinical_psychology/prospective_stud/fees/scholarships.shtml

Can I receive a conditional offer for a scholarship application with a deadline prior to October?
Applications close on the second last Friday in October for admission in March the following year. There is no mid year intake. Applications are not assessed until after all international and domestic applications have been received. The Admissions Office and Faculty of Science process the applications in the three weeks following the closing date for forwarding onto the Clinical Psychology Unit for assessment. Following evaluation and ranking, the top fifty ranked applicants are offered interviews on the last Friday in November and the first Wednesday in December. First round offers are made during the second week of December and second round offers in the third week of December. Dependent on the rate of acceptance of offers, offers may continue into January.

An offer or conditional offer for a place in the MCP or MCP&PhD cannot be made until at least December each year. Whilst you are encouraged to submit an application prior the closing date, it is not possible to receive an offer until after all applications have been assessed, interviews completed and rankings determined in December. Unfortunately this may have implications for international scholarships applications with early deadlines. Due to the competitive nature of the MCP and MCP&PhD programs, students are not eligible to apply for such scholarships as places are not finalised until December.