Application Forms

How do I apply?
All applications are completed online:
Master of Clinical Psychology (MCP) (LC065) Course Code: MACLIPSY1000; CRICOS Code: 082878M
Master of Clinical Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy (MCP/PhD) (LC066) Course Code: MACLPPHD1000; CRICOS Code: 082918G

What additional application forms are required?
Supplementary form
Referee report form

Can I complete the application forms prior to July?
Online applications open in July each year. Application forms are reviewed and updated by the CPU, Faculty of Science and the University by July each year. Supplementary and referee reports are not available until July each year. Prior to this the application forms are under review and will change. Application forms available from the website prior to this are intended as a guide only. Application forms are published on the website as soon as available. Please note a complete application includes the online application form, supplementary form, two referee report forms and supporting documentation. An application cannot be evaluated until it is complete.

Can I use last year's application forms to apply this year?
No. Previous years forms will be inaccurate and out of date. As the application forms generally only change slightly from year to year, you may get an idea of the content of the form and prepare responses based on the previous year's forms. Once updated forms are released you may submit your application.

I applied last year. Do I need to fill out all the application forms again?
Yes. If you applied in previous years, you still need to re-complete ALL the new application forms for the current year. Your application for this year will not be considered from using last year's application forms. After a certain period, all unsuccessful application forms are destroyed.

What information will my referee be asked to provide on the referee report form?
The referee report form is a standardised form which includes:
- One-page form divided into three sections
- Level of support for the candidate's application
- Strengths and weakness ratings
- Paragraph to justify level of support and ratings

Do I need to submit two Referee Reports - academic or professional?
Applicants are required to submit two referee reports. One referee report must be academic and the other related to relevant work experience (if applicable). The referee must be familiar with your work and be able to comment on your professional competencies. Work experience is a desirable admission requirement, not an essential admission requirement. At least one referee report must be academic. If you have not completed relevant work experience you may submit two academic referee reports. It is a minimum admission requirement to submit at least one academic referee report therefore you can not submit only two work experience referee reports. Also as an example, if your academic record was completed over 10 years ago and you have trouble obtaining your academic referee report, submit a cover letter explaining your circumstances, and include a referee report from someone who is able to comment upon your written work, e.g. research involvement, publishing of articles, or consultancy work.

What is an academic referee?
It is a requirement to submit at least one academic referee report. An academic referee must be someone who can comment on your academic and writing abilities, such as your course coordinator, Honours coordinator or lecturer.

Should I submit an academic referee report from my Honours supervisor or my employer who is an academic?
Please submit an academic referee report from your Honours supervisor. Whilst your employer may be a university academic and able to comment on both your research and professional abilities, they may not be able to comment directly on your university coursework. If employed in a research assistant position, this would be considered a work experience referee.

Can I submit a work experience referee report from volunteer work experience?
If your volunteer work experience is of a clinical or clinical research nature, you may use this to obtain a work experience referee report. However, if your volunteer work does not have clinical or clinical research content, you will not be able to include it in your application. In such a case, you would be advised to find a second academic referee report.

I can't save changes to forms!
Adobe Acrobat Professional is required to save electronic changes to the forms. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Pro you may electronically complete the form, print, scan and email directly to Otherwise print and post the completed form directly to: MCP MCP/PhD Applications, Science Admissions Office, Level 4, Jane Foss Russell Building (G02), The University of Sydney NSW 2006 Australia.

Can I submit completed referee report forms for my referee?
No. The applicant can not send the referee reports on behalf of the referee. The referee report form must be submitted directly from the referee's official email address to Referee reports must be confidential, unbiased and not viewed by the applicant. Referee reports submitted by applicants will not be accepted as they do not follow confidentiality procedures. If an applicant submits a referee report, it is no longer confidential and the applicant will be asked to provide a new referee report.

What is my application number?
Students who commence an application at the University of Sydney are given an IPU number or username. Once you submit your application you are given an Applicant ID number which will be your Student ID number e.g. 43xxxxxxx. Record your Applicant ID number on supplementary and referee report forms. If you have previously been enrolled at the University of Sydney you may record your SID number.

How do I complete the Tertiary qualifications section for APAC?
Check the APAC website. Indicate if your qualification has or has not been accredited by APAC as a 3, 4 or 5 year qualification.

How do I complete the Tertiary qualifications section for APS?
If your qualification was completed in Australia, tick N/A.
If your qualification was completed at a non-Australian University and has not been assessed by the APS, tick N/A.
If your qualification was completed at a non-Australian University and has been assessed by the APS, tick whether it was assessed to be equivalent to an Australian 3, 4 or 5 year sequence of study.

What documents do I upload to my application?
"Transcripts Grading System.pdf" - Complete official academic transcripts with grading system if applicable
"Testamur.pdf" - Testamur or proof of completion (stating degree awarded and date of completion),
"Honours grade.pdf" - Evidence of both Honours class AND grade (eg. First class honours, 86%),
"English translations.pdf" - Certified english translation of documents (if applicable)
"Research thesis.pdf" - Evidence of completion of major research project and thesis
"APS assessment.pdf" - Australian Psychological Society (APS) assessment letter (if applicable)
"English proficiency.pdf" - Evidence of english proficiency (IELTS) (if applicable), Official documentation that studies were conducted in English if not completed in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, UK or USA.
"Passport.pdf" - Evidence of residency status (Birth certificate or passport or certificate of citizenship), Proof of change of name (if applicable)
"Supplementary form.pdf" - Supplementary form

How can I upload additional documents to my application?
Once an application has been submitted applicants are unable to upload further documents. The Admissions Office will email applicants requesting any missing documents to be to uploaded. The Student will then have access to upload documents. Alternatively, you may email the documents to the Science Admissions Office to upload on your behalf.

Is there a limit to the number of documents I can upload to my online application?
Adobe Acrobat Professional allows combining or merging of multiple PDF files into one single file to be uploaded to your application. Alternatively, if you are unable to upload further documents you may email the documents to the Science Admissions Office to upload on your behalf. Collating and naming your files, where appropriate, assists in the evaluation of your application - "Academic transcripts.pdf", "Research thesis.pdf", "APS assessment.pdf", "English proficiency.pdf", "Passport.pdf", "Supplementary form.pdf”.

Do I need to provide evidence of completion of major research project and thesis?
Honours degrees completed in Australia include a major research project and thesis and generally do not require evidence of research completion. In particular, for non-Australian degrees or post graduate diplomas, or if it is not clear from your academic transcript, please upload a simple document providing the degree name, thesis title and thesis abstract, including information on methods used and whether the project was theoretical or conducted with methods consistent with an Australian fourth year Honours degree.

I can’t access my portal.
If you experience any technical issues, i.e. forgetting your password, or not being able to access the portal with a password, please contact the ICT Helpdesk on 02 9351 2000 (select option 2) or email them on

I am having difficulties uploading documents.
The System will only allow one file name uploaded per section (if you have a document that has two pages and has saved them separately you will need to merge them under one file name or upload the second page to a different section.)
If you experience any difficulty uploading documents please email the documents to us at the Admissions Office including your full name and application ID number who will upload these documents for you.

I want to add some additional documents to my application, how can I do this?
Please email the documents including your full name and application ID number to the Admissions Office who will upload these documents for you.

How do I track my applications?
To track your application please log in to the Sydney Student Portal via (do not use Internet Explorer version 6 to access the portal). Please enter your applicant ID (SID or IPU number) and your password.
If you experience any technical issues, i.e. forgetting your password, or not being able to access the portal with a password, please contact the ICT Helpdesk on 02 9351 2000 (select option 2) or email them on

I recently submitted an application, the fee type on my application shows “Fee-Paying place” but I wanted to apply for CSP. What do I need to do?
Nothing – the system automatically defaults all applicants to “Fee-Paying”, it will be the Faculty who decides if the place is Fee Paying or CSP.

Is it important for me to check my email?
Yes! All correspondence with the University will be by email. Please ensure that you include your correct email address in your application which you can use to receive mail.
Some email messages/attachments may not be accepted or may be flagged as spam by some email providers (e.g. Hotmail or Gmail). Applicants are advised to check their spam and junk mail folder regularly.

Do I apply separately for preferences?
We strongly recommend that you lodge separate applications for 2nd and 3rd preferences. As these courses will only be considered once the 1st preference has been rejected. To avoid missing any deadlines, please submit a separate application for these courses.

The exception to this would be if you are applying for the combined degree of MCP/PhD. When applying for the MCP/PhD, there are four possible outcomes:
1. That you will be accepted into the MCP/PhD, having satisfied all requirements for entry for the MCP as well as the PhD.
2. That you will be accepted into the MCP only, having satisfied all the requirements of the MCP but not the PhD.
3. That you will be accepted into the PhD only, having satisfied the requirements of the PhD but not the MCP.
4. That you are not accepted into either of these programs for the next enrolment, however you are welcome to reapply in the future.

I have received a conditional offer, how do I upload the outstanding documents?
Please email the documents to the Admissions who will upload these documents for you.

Are original or certified copies of documents required?
Please note that you may be requested to present the original documents for verification by the Faculty. If you wish to submit originals they must be submitted to:
The Admissions Office, Level 4, Jane Foss Russell Building (G02), University of Sydney NSW 2006

The University of Sydney accepts scanned documents submitted online in support of applications for admission to courses of study. All supporting documents must be true and complete records. You should be prepared to provide original documents or original certified copies of supporting documents upon request at any time. We carry out detailed checks on applications before and after enrolment and our checks involve contacting the original issuing authority or relevant tertiary admissions centre, or other organisation (whether education or otherwise), or individual, whether in Australia or overseas, to verify documents. A failure to provide documents on request, or the discovery of either fraudulent documents or a misrepresentation of true circumstances in association with your application, may lead to the rejection of your application for admission, the withdrawal of your offer, or the cancellation of your enrolment.

Documents submitted in a language other than English must be accompanied by a complete English translation. The University accepts translations to English made by an accredited translator with a government body, the Registrar of the issuing institution or, for international applicants, registered University of Sydney education agents who have been designated as translators. Applicants from the Peoples' Republic of China may have their academic transcripts referred to the Ministry of Education's China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Centre (CDGDC) for authentication.

University's guidelines
Certification of Documents Guidelines

Scholarship or sponsorship documents do not need to be certified.