Examples of Work Experience Relevant for Application

Applicants are encouraged to have gained some previous relevant work experience. The benefit of work experience is that it is likely to enhance the understanding of clinical issues and allow a prospective student to determine whether they would like to pursue working with a clinical population. Should an applicant be invited to interview, they will be advantaged if able to draw upon previous work experiences, particularly in regard to answering questions that specifically assess understanding of clinical issues and potential difficulties of work in clinical contexts.


Paid position providing services to people with mental health issues, neuropsychological difficulties, health problems, forensic problems, or their carers. Examples include but are not limited to the following:

  • Lifeline telephone counselling
  • FACS case worker: Disabilities, Adoption, Foster Care, Child Protection
  • Counsellor: Centacare, Anglicare, Relationships Australia, Wesley Gambling Counselling
  • Community Rehab Officer: Brain Injury and Community Rehabilitation Units
  • Marriage And Relationships Educator/Group Facilitator
  • Group Behaviour Therapist; e.g., Triumph Over OCD And Phobias (TOP), Anxiety Disorders Alliance
  • Support Group Coordinator, Transcultural Mental Health Centre or STARRTS
  • Case work / Counsellor for Abuse services: Rape Crisis Centre, Domestic Violence Counselling
  • Registered Nurse in Acute Care Psychiatric Hospital
  • Intern Psychologist
  • Psychologist, Ministry of Health and other Government departments
  • Therapist with autistic children (Implementing Intervention Strategies)
  • Youth Worker in a Refuge
  • Respite Worker for Disabled Children (Home Care)
  • Support Worker, Schizophrenia Fellowship, Pioneer Clubhouse (Rehab Program for People with Mental Illness (Schizophrenia, Bipolar))
  • Employment Services for people with a mental illness: Centrelink, Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service
  • Clinical case manager / Clinician, eg. Adult mental health, child and family mental health, mental health crisis team
  • ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis) Therapist, The Lizard Children's Centre, working with children with Autism
  • Drug and alcohol counsellor


Clinical research position involved with patients with mental health problems, psychological sequelae of health problems or in neuropsychology/psychometric assessment.

  • Research Assistant: University Psychology Clinics (for example, involved in Clinical Treatment Trials For Adults/Children/Families)
  • Research Assistant in Neuropsychology (University/Practice Practice setting)
  • Data collection or Research Assistant work in a field relevant to Clinical or Experimental Clinical or Neuropsychology
  • Research Nurse (e.g., working on a Depression Trial)
  • Research Officer / Assistant, Justice Health, Ministry of Health, Integration of prisoners in the immediate post release period
  • Research assistant, NHMRC clinical trial (client management, research assessments, follow-up interviews)
  • Psychometric and neuropsychology questionnaire development


Volunteer in an organisation providing services or support to people with mental health issues, neuropsychological difficulties, health problems, or their carers.

  • Telephone Counselling: Lifeline, Kids Helpline, Quitline, ADIS, Abortion Help, G-line, Mens Phone Line, Womens Health Centres, Gay and Lesbian Counselling, Domestic Violence Counselling Service, Mental Health Information Service, Salvation Army Counselling, Financial counselling ARAFMI
  • Schizophrenia Association, Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW, Alzheimer's Association, Epilepsy Association
  • Anxiety Disorders Alliance: Self Help, Support Groups
  • Depression & Mood Disorders Association: Support Groups
  • Mental Health Association NSW, Mental Health Information Service
  • Volunteer Friend For The Mentally Ill, Association for Relatives and Friends of the Mentally Ill
  • Organisational Psychology Internship (Conducting Psychometric Assessments, Writing Reports)
  • Salvation Army: Youth programs,
  • Volunteer, Royal North Shore Pain Clinic
  • Volunteer Counsellor, Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross
  • The Benevolent Society First Five Years Home Visiting Program
  • Volunteer hospital health worker with psychiatric patients