Selection Process

Application assessment
Applications are processed by the Admissions Office. Only applications meeting minimum admission requirements are forwarded on to the School. Applicants will receive notification that their application is incomplete or missing documents, through the application portal. Incomplete applications are rejected after the closing date and will not be considered for interview.

In November, after the application closing date, all applications are evaluated at one time by the Clinical Psychology Unit Admissions Committee under the coordination of the Admissions Coordinator, A/Professor Paul Rhodes. Applications are evaluated, scored and ranked upon the below criteria:

  • Undergraduate academic performance in the fourth honours year (or equivalent)
  • Additional academic research qualifications in Psychology (MSc by research, MPhil by research, PhD, in Psychology)
  • Publications (Published journal articles, published reports, conference presentations)
  • Relevant paid clinical work experience (Psychologist, Counsellor, clinically relevant research)
    Relevant voluntary clinical work experience (teaching, research, other)
    *Not considered relevant clinical work experience is Receptionist, shop assistant, baby sitting or similar work
  • Referee Reports

Selection interview
Applicants who meet admission requirements are considered for interview - an essential part of the selection process. Only the top fifty ranked applicants are offered interviews, scheduled in the last week of November or first week in December. Offers for interview are not finalised until pending fourth year honours results have been released by Universities from late November onwards. Applicants are contacted by phone to be offered an interview. Unsuccessful applicants falling below the cut off are notified through the application portal once interviews have been finalised.

All applicants attend a 15-minute information session prior to their scheduled interview. The selection interview is 20-minutes in duration and with an interview panel comprised of three staff, two Clinical Psychology Unit staff members and one School of Psychology staff member. Applicants are asked a standard set of questions, to assess relevant academic, research, work experience, performance, demonstrated interest and aptitude for clinical psychology and awareness of ethical issues relevant to clinical practice. The selection process aims to identify applicants with a demonstrated interest in abnormal, clinical psychology or clinical neuropsychology; an awareness of clinical issues; and experience related to the area.

Applicants not available to attend in person on the scheduled interview dates will not be considered for a place (including 'in person interview' for domestic applicants or 'web based SKYPE interview' for international applicants). Domestic applicants including interstate applicants are required to attend the interview in person, however, if you will be overseas during the interview period, you may request to be considered for a web based interview.

Applicants are ranked upon their application, academic record and interview performance. The top ranked applicants are offered places, with first round offers issued from the second week of December. Applicants will be notified by email if they have been placed on the reserve list. A second round of offers may be made, where the next applicant on the next applicant on the reserve list will be contacted should an offer be declined. Offers sometimes continue into late December and January, until all places are accepted. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified through the application portal once all places have been accepted.

The University closes does down for a two-week period over Christmas and reopens after the New Year. This is a very busy time of year for the Admissions Office and Faculty processing applications, so please do anticipate some delay.