External Clinical Placement Supervision

We invite you to become a clinical supervisor for the Master of Clinical Psychology (MCP) and Master of Clinical Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy (MCP/PhD) external clinical placements which take place in the second year of the student's study program, in external hospital and community settings.

Clinical Supervisor Requirements

Clinical supervisors are required to have the following before providing supervision to students in training:
- Post-graduate qualifications from an accredited university program;
- Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) endorsement in clinical psychology
- At least two years of experience post-endorsement,
- Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) approved supervisor for the higher degree pathway.
- Formal appointment by the University as "Honorary Associate" clinical supervisor of the School of Psychology.

How do I become a Supervisor?

Supervisors must be appointed as an "Honorary Affiliate" to the University of Sydney. If you do not have a current appointment, please apply by completing the online application form. Send the Honorary Title Nomination and Appointment form, your current CV and photo ID to the Clinical Placements Coordinator for consideration by the School of Psychology. Appointments are 3 years in duration, if your appointment has expired you will need to submit another application form with your updated CV and photo ID. Please note if any of these items are not completed your appointment can not be processed. Please note if your appointment is not current you may not be covered by our insurance. The clinical placement description form provides information regarding the type of experiences that your placement offers. This information allows students to make well informed choices and ensures students allocated to your service are well matched to clinical placements needs and student interests. Students are allocated to supervisors on the basis of our knowledge of the service, the student's interests and APS requirements. Click here for a list of all current clinical placements.

  2. Download and complete the HONORARY TITLE NOMINATION AND APPLICATION FORM. Email to psychology.cpu@sydney.edu.au
  3. Email a copy of your current CURRICULUM VITAE (include qualifications and recent clinical appointments) to psychology.cpu@sydney.edu.au
  4. Email a scanned copy of your current PHOTO IDENTIFICATION (eg. driver's license) to psychology.cpu@sydney.edu.au
  5. Provide your AHPRA Registration number
  6. Provide evidence of your Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) endorsement in clinical psychology
  7. Provide evidence you are a Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) approved supervisor for the higher degree pathway

How is a student allocated to my service?

Students are given any information that services provides with the clinical placement form. Students meet individually with the Placements Coordinator, to discuss their interests and preferences. With knowledge of the student and clinical placement, the Placements Coordinator allocates clinical placements in August/September for the following year. Supervisors are advised in writing, well in advance of the clinical placements, that a student has been allocated. Supervisors may wish to meet the prospective student immediately, or may prefer to wait until closer to the clinical placement starting date. Please advise us as to your preference in this regard. Students will otherwise be instructed to contact supervisors 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the clinical placement.

Clinical Placement Requirements

Please note there is a External placement handbook which provides all relevant information regarding the supervision of clinical psychology students. Clinical placements are planned to be 2 days a week for 24 over two periods: January to June and July to December. Supervisors need to complete with the student during various stages of the placement, evaluation forms (contract, mid placement review, end of placement review, trainee's evaluation form and weekly clinical logs). Please note usually the forms are due before the end of the clinical placement, in order to meet University of Sydney deadlines for submission of results.

Supervisor Privileges

Supervisors appointed as Honorary Affiliates of the University of Sydney are entitled to some privileges such as a University of Sydney Library card and attendance at Professional Development seminars and School of Psychology Colloquiums.

Supervisors Meeting and Workshops

We recognize that Supervisors play a critical role in the training of our students. One means by which we can recompense Supervisors for their labour is by providing on-going training in the form of study days and workshops for the purposes of Continuing Education points. We will advise you of such opportunities as they come up.